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Building Hope: How Mara’s House Offers Young Women a New Beginning

May 3, 2023

Imagine being a young woman who has survived persecution in Nigeria, facing hatred, abuse, and death threats from family members. In a country where 78% of girls lack primary education and one in three women face gender-based violence and economic inequality, life is especially difficult.

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Haiti Earthquake Response 2021

August 17, 2021

On Sunday Aug 14th, 2021, Haiti experienced a 7.2 magnitude earthquake 150 kms south-east of Port au Prince causing extensive damage. The latest numbers record 1,941 deaths and more than 9,900 people injured. Hospitals in the area have received extensive damage and has hampered humanitarian efforts. Thousands of homes, churches and schools have been damaged or destroyed.

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Uganda Update – January 2021

February 3, 2021

Thanks to the overwhelming response from our viewers this past summer, Crossroads Cares is excited to report that 18 new communities in northern Uganda have clean drinking water. Approximately, 13,980 people are now able to walk a short distance and have access to clean water for drinking, cooking and cleaning.

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Courage in Colombia – Update Jan 2021

January 31, 2021

The world has faced a pandemic that is still raging in many countries, fear and uncertainty of the future is plaguing many, and yet, we have hope! Christians in Colombia can attest to that.

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Uganda COVID-19 Response

July 20, 2020

In Uganda, they don’t have the same opportunities that we have here. Medical care is not as easily available, and they can’t just run to the corner and stock up on two weeks of groceries like we can: this is the time when the family of God needs to shine a positive and life transforming message that will show the world Jesus’s love in real and practical ways.

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Syria – Love in Action

June 12, 2020

SYRIA – A country and people gripped by civil conflict since 2011 has created the largest refugee population in the world. More than half its population has fled seeking safety. Of those that have stayed, life is in constant turmoil. Being displaced in your own country…

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Courage In Colombia

November 12, 2019

Many Christians in Colombia are taking great risks to share the Gospel with those living in some of the most dangerous places for followers of Christ to evangelize. Taking the Gospel to these hostile areas often results in persecution from armed guerrillas and paramilitary forces.

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Rescue From Human Trafficking

August 27, 2019

Human Trafficking is a topic most people try and avoid, it is not pretty, it is shocking and for most of us, we don’t know how to navigate it without a barrage of strong emotions; anger, frustration, hurt, hopelessness and the unbelievable thought that we can treat one another in such horrible ways, especially children.

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Zion Church Expands

August 14, 2019

Lorna Dueck, CEO of Crossroads, recently visited Pastor Roshan and saw first-hand the damage that was inflicted not only on the land but more importantly on people’s hearts and minds. Pastor Roshan’s vision for his people and community is to “connect the disconnected to the reality of life in Christ.” The mission is a mandate to bring the tangible love of God to everyone at their point of need.

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