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For more than 40 years, Crossroads Cares has had the privilege of being a visible expression of God’s love to millions. As a faith-based humanitarian relief and development organization, we have invested $50 million globally, responding to humanitarian crises with both short-term ‘emergency response’ and long-term ‘development projects’. Through the gifts of our partners, we have been able to give hope to the most vulnerable, provide food and water to the hungry, rescue and care for the neglected, and provide emergency aid when natural disasters strike. God cares for people through people, and by collaborating with more than 60+ on-site Ministries and local NGOs, we have built trusted partnerships throughout the world. Together, with a servant's heart, we fulfill the Bible’s directive to love our neighbour.

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Jesus Christ
We value the ultimate expression of love in the person of Jesus Christ.

All People
We value all people & we believe that all people are of value.

We value tangible expressions of hope.

Global Awareness
We value thinking globally and acting locally.

Empowering Others
We value sustainable impact and empowering others.

We value stewardship.

Relief + Development

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Food + Clean Water

Crossroads Cares provides Food and Clean Water in Kenya, Uganda, Haiti, and Israel

As many as 811 million people worldwide face food insecurity, malnutrition, and hunger due to a lack of resources. Extreme hunger can be a person who has run out of food or has gone an entire day or more without eating. Crossroads Cares is fighting world hunger by helping people access feeding programs and sustainable initiatives. We believe access to clean drinking water is essential for life. We help provide bio-sand filters to families and refurbish old wells along with digging new ones for communities. We’ve helped more than 200,000 people have access to clean water. Together, we are saving lives with these precious resources.

The Issues

  • Access to Food and Clean Water
  • Water-borne diseases or death from polluted water sources
  • Illnesses, starvation, and stunted growth due to lack of food
  • Food security (a reliable food source) and/or famine
  • Reliable water source and/or drought
  • Increased vulnerability due to lack of food
  • Extreme poverty due to the lack of vital resources

Our Response

  • Access to Clean Water by digging and refurbishing wells
  • Preventing waterborne illness by implementing bio-sand filters into homes and providing access to clean water
  • Community water management skills, sanitation knowledge, and health and nutrition awareness
  • School feeding and food community outreach programs to children, people with disabilities, the elderly, holocaust survivors, refugees, and vulnerable households

Where We Work

Currently we are supporting food and clean water projects in:

  • Israel
  • Kenya
  • Haiti
  • Uganda

Rescue + Care

Crossroads Cares is directly helping those in Canada, Cambodia, Nigeria, Kenya, and Ukraine

Millions of people worldwide are vulnerable – living in extreme poverty, beyond the protection of the rule of law, orphaned, abused, displaced, or abandoned – making them prime targets for persecution, exploitation, and human trafficking. We help oppressed, marginalized children and adults stand against injustice, provide tangible hope, and show God’s love through programs that transform lives and future generations.

The Issues

  • Human trafficking
  • Orphans, abused, abandoned, street children
  • Sexual exploitation
  • Extreme poverty
  • The persecuted church
  • War-torn nations
  • Exploitation and addiction of women

Our Response

  • Providing shelters and places of refuge for marginalized children and victims of human trafficking, disaster, exploitation, addictions, and persecution
  • Delivering tangible support, education, and care for abandoned and orphaned children
  • Facilitating counselling, care, and rehabilitation for victims of trafficking, addictions, and exploitation
  • Equipping women with vocational skills, education, and training to provide long-term solutions
  • Supporting Canadian programs that assist youth and adults experiencing homelessness

Where We Work

Currently we are supporting rescue and care projects in:

  • Cambodia
  • Uganda
  • Kenya
  • Ukraine
  • Canada
  • Nigeria

Health + Education

Crossroads Cares empowers vulnerable people to access Education and Healthcare in Kenya, Uganda, Cambodia, Nigeria and Canada.

Access to Education and Healthcare are luxuries often not extended to the poor and marginalized. Without access to these resources, it is extremely difficult to break the cycle of poverty. Millions of children are deprived of a basic school education. We are supporting efforts and programs that specifically target Education and Healthcare issues by empowering children, youth, and adults with the education, training, and skills necessary to enjoy a sustainable future.

The Issues

  • Access to education
  • Equal access to healthcare and education for females
  • Income-generating vocational training and skills
  • An epidemic of suicide

Our Response

  • Helping children and youth access primary school education & healthcare
  • Equipping youth with vocational skills and training
  • Providing training and business skills for women
  • Empowering suicide prevention and training with aboriginal youth

Where We Work

Where We Work - Currently, we are supporting education and health development projects in:

  • Kenya
  • Uganda
  • Cambodia
  • Nigeria
  • Canada

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