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Crossroads’ 24/7 Prayer Centre provides over 1,300 prayer interactions daily and the need is growing. We have a great team of volunteers presently, but we need your help to answer more calls!


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Inspire others to experience God’s transforming love!

How the Prayer Centre Works

What Crossroads’ Prayer partners are saying:

(Names and photos have been changed for privacy.)


“I’ve grown so much in my Christian walk since praying for others and sharing God’s love and His Word on the Prayer Line!”
- Sylvia

“I wanted to ‘give back’ to the Lord by serving Him on the Prayer lines, as a way to thank Him for how much he has helped me when I was “down/sick/depressed/in a bad place spiritually” and the Prayer Partners helped me through to such a good place in God and in my faith!”
- Jason


“My spouse says that I’m a changed person (for the better) since becoming a Prayer Partner.”
- Anne

“My wife said that all my theological training didn’t teach me how to become a pastor - rather being on the Prayer Lines was what gave me the heart and compassion to truly pastor.”
- Alex


“I’ve become so much more compassionate, caring, and understanding since praying with others - after hearing all that people are going through; being a Prayer Partner has made me more like Jesus!”
- Justine

“I feel so grateful and blessed to have this opportunity to share God’s Word, pray, and minister to others! It’s given such purpose and fulfillment to my life.”
- Peter


“It’s so thrilling to lead someone to Jesus or hear a praise testimony from one of the callers! What a joy and encouragement!”
- John

“To help someone move from despair to hope in God is so meaningful. It really is a privilege to be there for the callers, listen to them, and encourage them through prayer.”
- Ossam


"For where two or three gather
in My name there I am with them."

Matthew 18:20

Following training, an accepted applicant may choose to be a part of the in-centre prayer team between 9am - 9pm, Tuesday through Friday, in the Burlington, ON Canada offices, or they can volunteer remotely at all hours.

If you are interested in becoming a Volunteer Prayer Partner,
please fill out the form below. Thank you!

Call 1-855-856-6868 for more information.