Gratitude and Hope in the Aftermath of the Turkey and Syria Earthquake

Crossroads Cares would like to extend our heartfelt appreciation and gratitude to all those who generously contributed to our Turkey and Syria Earthquake response. This report highlights the impact of your support and demonstrates how your donations of $126,500 have made a significant difference in the lives of those affected by the devastating earthquake that struck on February 6th, 2023.

In the early morning hours of that day, a catastrophic 7.8 magnitude earthquake, accompanied by numerous aftershocks, ravaged Turkey and Syria, leaving both regions in ruins. The earthquake caused immense loss of life, with over 50,000 people tragically losing their lives, and it left more than 2 million individuals displaced and homeless. The urgent need for emergency aid was vital, and your compassionate response was instrumental in providing relief to those affected.

Thanks to your unwavering support, Crossroads Cares was able to assist 4,780 people in Turkey. The aid included essential supplies such as food packs, clean water, hygiene kits, and tent shelters. These provisions were crucial in meeting the immediate needs of those affected, offering them hope, and temporary shelter amidst the chaos. Your gifts directly contributed to improving the lives of those affected by the earthquake, providing them with much-needed support during a time of immense hardship.

Despite the challenges in delivering aid to families in Syria, our dedicated partners were able to overcome these obstacles and provide essential relief to an additional 228+ families. The situation in Syria posed unique difficulties, making it even more remarkable that aid was successfully delivered to those in need. Your gifts played a crucial role in reaching out to these families and providing the hope, and assistance they required during this difficult time.

Crossroads Cares firmly believes that God cares for people through people, and it is through the kindness and generosity of our faithful viewers and supporters that we can effectively respond to humanitarian crises. We express our deepest gratitude to each and every person who contributed to the Turkey and Syria Earthquake response. Your support enabled us to make a tangible difference in the lives of thousands of individuals, providing them with the essential aid and assistance they desperately needed. Your compassion has shown that together, we can make a meaningful impact in times of crisis. Thank you for your unwavering support and for being a beacon of hope for those affected by the earthquakes in Turkey and Syria.

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