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Turkey & Syria

Earthquake Response


In the early morning hours of February 6th, 2023, a devastating 7.8 magnitude earthquake, along with multiple aftershocks have struck Turkey and Syria, devastating the regions. The death toll is over 5,000 people and so many others are in urgent need. Crossroads is responding to help care for these families.
Help provide emergency relief today!

Giving Hope

Giving tangible hope and support to others through food, water, rescue, care, health, and education.

Crossroads Cares Stories

Crossroads Cares – Mission Update

Crossroads Cares is privileged to show the love of Jesus in practical ways around the world because of the faithful and compassionate giving of our donors. Watch as Cheryl Weber and Mark Masri update you on some of the projects your recent giving has made possible. Because of faithful partners like you, 131 Indigenous Communities…

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A new season for First Peoples Voices

After our whirlwind Christmas Outreach Campaign, my focus shifted to administrative duties. Midway through, I was again reminded that our relationship and fellowship with Indigenous communities continues and grows because of your prayers and vital support. Thank You!

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Blessed to be a Blessing

My recent visit to the James Smith Cree Nation reminded me of how God works through each of us. Your prayers and support to First Peoples Voices enabled us to show and share the love of God to a community still reeling from the mass murders in September.

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First Peoples Voices

Less than 500 years ago, the only people living in Canada were the First Peoples. The Indigenous people of this land have a rich history and unique relationship with our country, one that includes chapters of hurt but also new chapters of healing.

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