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New Beginnings: Support Family Garden Projects in Indigenous Communities!

Spring is a time of awakening, both in nature and within ourselves. As the earth emerges from its winter slumber, we witness the blossoming of colourful flowers, the lush greenery of landscapes, and the cheerful melodies of the birds.

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Bringing Smiles to Indigenous Children: A Heartfelt Update

For years, I’ve journeyed across Canada, privileged to visit 63 Indigenous communities. Each visit has been a profound experience, filled with shared moments and heartfelt conversations. I’ve prayed with elders, Chiefs, and children alike, witnessing both joy and sorrow.

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Faithful Support: Bringing Joy to Indigenous Communities

As I sit down to write this update, I can’t help but marvel at the unpredictable weather we’ve been experiencing lately. Robins, cardinals, and blue jays flying around in February—it’s quite the sight! With temperatures swinging from a balmy plus 14 degrees in the morning to below freezing at night, one thing remains constant: our God, His unchanging love and faithfulness, regardless of the weather or circumstances around us.

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First Peoples Voices

Less than 500 years ago, the only people living in Canada were the First Peoples. The Indigenous people of this land have a rich history and unique relationship with our country, one that includes chapters of hurt but also new chapters of healing.

Israel Update
May 2023

Uganda Update
May 2023

Ukraine Update
May 2023

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