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As a producer of faith and values media content, Crossroads’ mission is to reveal the transforming story of Jesus through inspiring and innovative media to anyone, anywhere, anytime.

Weekly schedule on YES TV
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9:00 AM 100 Huntley Street 100 Huntley Street100 Huntley Street100 Huntley Street100 Huntley Street
9:30 AM See Hear Love This Is Your Story 100 Huntley Street A Better Us Hey Meisha!
9:00 PM 100 Huntley Street100 Huntley Street100 Huntley Street100 Huntley Street100 Huntley Street
9:30 PM See Hear Love This Is Your Story 100 Huntley Street A Better Us Legacy Makers



100 Huntley Street is Canada’s longest running daily television talk show and tells the amazing stories of people who have had life-changing encounters with God.

100 Huntley Street

A Better Us

A Better Us: The Journey After “I do” with Ron and Ann Mainse (Heart to Heart Marriage & Family Ministries) is a weekly program to help strengthen marriages.

A Better Us

Castle TV

Free for all.
All for free.

Castle TV

Hey Meisha

Hey Meisha! is a biblical teaching variety show for kids, featuring Meisha and the Good News Kids. Produced by YES TV, this show is available to stream on Castle™.

Hey Meisha!

See Hear Love

See Hear Love is a web and TV show for women discussing faith, community, life, love, and relationships from a unique, Canadian, Christian, women’s perspective.

See Hear Love

My Single Story

Single women of God this is for you! Welcome to our little corner of the digital space where we get real about Christian Singleness.

My Single Story Podcast

Young Once

Young Once is a series that documents a group of young Christians from Southern California on their quest to live counter culturally where alcohol, drugs and sex are off-limits.

Young Once

Daughters of Eve

Daughters Of Eve is a provocative new, docudrama series that journeys into the extraordinary lives of women from the Old and New Testament.

Daughters Of Eve

First Peoples Voices

In their own voices, these segments tell inspiring stories from First Peoples visions of their Creator.

First Peoples Voices



Castle streams our faith-based media library on-demand.

Into The Castle


Crossroads Founder David Mainse leads a daily walk through the Bible.

100 Words


Battling Darkness

With Linda Blair's disturbing performance in The Exorcist, Satan returned with a vengeance and since then films about demonic possession have fascinated viewers worldwide.

Battling Darkness

Science and Faith

Can Science and Religion coexist? For years this question has divided people into two camps: those who look for answers to the “what, how, and when” questions, and others who seek to understand the “why.”

Science and Faith

Pain Killers

In one year, they’ve claimed the lives of more than 16,000 people in the United States. They’ve stolen identities, broken families, and led to life changing addictions. And they are likely sitting in your medicine cabinet this very moment.

Pain Killers

Sex Messages

Sex sells! This simple idea propels billions of dollars in advertising and media content revenue every year and is a driving force in shaping youth culture today.

Sex Messages


It has been 20 years since the Columbine High School mass shooting, a tragedy that, at the time, was the worst school shooting in U.S. history.

Youth Under Fire

Teen Suicide

Inside Teen Suicide features six riveting personal stories told through raw, gripping visuals, and looks at the root causes of teen suicide in our modern world.

Inside Teen Suicide

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