Bringing Smiles to Indigenous Children: A Heartfelt Update

By Bev Hadland, Crossroads Ambassador for the First Peoples

For years, I’ve journeyed across Canada, privileged to visit 63 Indigenous communities. Each visit has been a profound experience, filled with shared moments and heartfelt conversations. I’ve prayed with elders, Chiefs, and children alike, witnessing both joy and sorrow. From thriving communities to those grappling with past wounds, one truth remains unchanging: God sees and loves each person deeply.

Recently, I was reminded of the impact we collectively make, particularly in the lives of Indigenous children. Seeing their radiant smiles as they received Easter gifts, including a simple Easter bonnet for every child, filled me with gratitude. It’s moments like these that reaffirm our mission—to instill God’s hope and remind every child of their inherent worth.

Guided by God’s love, I am compelled to continue offering support and ministering to those in need, following the example set by our champions. At Crossroads, our unwavering commitment is to reflect the heart of Jesus to all, including our First Peoples.

On behalf of the joyful smiles you’ve helped create, we extend our deepest gratitude. Your faithful support allows First Peoples Voices to continue ministering to these communities. As summer camp season approaches, your prayers and partnership are vital. Together, let’s keep putting smiles on children’s faces and spreading God’s love. Thank you for your incredible generosity and support.

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