Legacy Giving

When you leave a legacy gift to Crossroads, you ensure the continuity of your Kingdom investment in our growing media mission to reach younger generations with the Good News.

What shall I return to the Lord for all his bounty to me?
Psalm 116:12

“In my life and over half a century of ministry, there is no question in my mind the hope that is in God for those who believe…and that’s why for David and me, Crossroads media mission was always part of our legacy giving, to ensure the next generation knows God’s love.”

Norma Jean Mainse
Co-founder of Crossroads

How Do I Give A Legacy Gift?

Make A Bequest In Your Will

Bequests are the giving vehicle of choice because they are easy to arrange. A bequest is communicated through your last Will and Testament. This can be done by giving a particular amount or a percentage of your estate. Your lawyer should assist you with this.

Benefits of a bequest gift:

  • It’s simple: Leaving a gift in your Will is easy to arrange
  • It’s flexible: A gift in your Will can be made no matter how old you are or how much you have to give
  • It has tax advantages: A gift in your Will is a highly effective way to reduce taxes on your estate.  This means you can pay less tax to the government and more to ministry
  • It has a lasting impact: Leaving a charitable gift in your Will gives you the satisfaction that the areas you felt strongly about in your lifetime will continue to receive support, even after you’re gone
  • It’s personalized: You can make a general gift, or choose to designate it to a specific Crossroads program, the 24/7 Prayer Lines or other

Invest In A Charitable Gift Annuity

A charitable gift annuity is an investment that provides you with an above average guaranteed income for life, the remainder of which is donated to Crossroads ministries when the Lord calls you home.

Benefits of an annuity:

  • Safe secure stream of income that can be entirely tax-free
  • Better rate of return than is currently possible through a GIC, Bond or TFSA
  • You will receive a one-time charitable tax receipt for 20% or more of your invested amount that can be applied for tax savings for up to an additional five years
  • No reduction of your Old Age Security (OAS)
  • Ability to meet your ministry goals during and after your lifetime
  • Are not part of an estate and therefore not subject to probate fees and cannot be contested

Donate A Gift-in-kind

Gifts-in-kind donations are made in the form of an asset or property that has real value and is not a gift of cash. The most common gifts-in-kind are securities such as stock, bonds, mutual funds or donations of real estate.

Benefits of a gift-in-kind:

  • Significant tax savings
  • Avoid capital gains tax on securities
  • Receive a charitable tax receipt for fair market value to use for the current taxation year or to be carried over for a maximum of five years
  • Excellent tax planning strategy when considering downsizing, retirement or at estate time
  • Have the satisfaction of seeing your gift at work today

Will & Estate Planning

ADVISORS with Purpose (AwP) partners with charities and churches to offer free and confidential estate plans for their donors/supporters.

Charitable Gift Planning

Link Charity Canada Inc. provides the tools for linking donors and charities together for planned giving initiatives.

“Leaving a legacy to Crossroads gave my parents the peace of mind that their mission of sharing the light of Christ would continue to impact generations to come.”

Tim Shaw
Son of Jim and Doris Shaw

Join The Webinar Series

Your Will As A Lover Letter

Presented by Lorne Jackson
January 26, 2023 at 7PM EST

Creating a Will can be like writing a love letter. Thinking through your options, making good choices and considering those you love can say more to them than you may think. Having your things in order is one way to let your family and heirs know that you love them enough to not burden them with making decisions on their own during their time of grief. What will your love letter say? Will it share your hopes and dreams for those you love? Will it speak of your faith and values? Will it share your heart for generosity?

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Money & Your Discipleship Journey

Presented by Ray Borg
February 28, 2023 at 8PM EST

Many of us struggle with money and feel like we never get ahead. We find it difficult to balance between our wants, our needs and our desire to do well. Yet, Jesus called us to live counter-culturally. He calls His people out of the world’s systems and narrative to have a Godly perspective. Jesus wants us to walk in freedom and lays out the guidelines to do so. Join Advisors with Purpose as we explore together what the Bible has to say about Jesus’ teaching on finances and how our perspective and use of money can affect our walk with the Lord.

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Setting Your House In Order – Estate Planning For Senior Adults

Presented by Lorne Jackson
March 30, 2023 at 3PM EST

More than 60% of families have done little to no planning but it’s not too late to set up a plan. You may or may not have a Will but is it up to date and complete? Have you chosen a good executor and are they prepared for the job? Have you considered options for how to transfer your assets to your children or heirs in a way that is best for both of you? Have you considered the tax implications of registered assets and planned for those? Have you considered leaving charitable gifts in your Will? Have you spoken to your family about your choices, and do they know your wishes?

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Not Just Your Principal Residence – Planning Well For Investment Properties

Presented by Chantel Gibbs
April 27, 2023 at 8:30PM EST

Planning for your principal residence may be simple but perhaps you own a vacation property, a foreign property, a rental unit, undeveloped land, or other investment properties. How do you plan well for those in your Will? Our partners at Advisors with Purpose are hosting a webinar that will examine the tax implications and challenges of property and how they can be best handled in your Will and Estate plan.

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The Joy Of Generosity – The What, Why And How Of Planned Giving

Presented by Lorne Jackson and Abraham Somovarapha
June 20, 2023 at 8:30PM EST

Blending families and finances can become complex but good planning can help ensure that your Will reflects your new situation while ensuring that every person, situation, and asset is considered. You are invited to join us for a webinar hosted by Advisors with Purpose that will present solutions and ideas that need to be addressed.

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Learn more about Legacy Giving

A caring Partner Representative from our Crossroads’ team is available to confidentially answer your questions by phone or in person. They can help facilitate your legacy gift should you choose to make one. There is no obligation to have a conversation. No one will visit you unless you request it.

For more information, please call 1-800-265-3100