New Beginnings: Support Family Garden Projects in Indigenous Communities!

By Bev Hadland, Crossroads Ambassador for the First Peoples

Spring is a time of awakening, both in nature and within ourselves. As the earth emerges from its winter slumber, we witness the blossoming of colourful flowers, the lush greenery of landscapes, and the cheerful melodies of the birds. It’s a season that symbolizes not just the end of winter, but also the promise of new beginnings, growth, and transformation.

As part of these new beginnings and growth, Crossroads Cares and First Peoples Voices (FPV) are excited to support family garden projects in two Indigenous communities this spring in Saskatchewan.

Gardening is a multi-faceted endeavor that offers numerous benefits beyond just producing crops. It provides intergenerational learning as family members work together, passing along knowledge and skills, strengthening family bonds, and creating a sense of legacy. Gardening also promotes physical, mental, and emotional well-being for individuals, fostering holistic development for families.

From its inception, FPV has been committed to standing in solidarity with our Indigenous brothers and sisters, offering assistance whenever necessary. While food prices pose challenges for everyone, the situation is particularly dire in remote communities where the cost of fresh vegetables is exorbitant. Thankfully, there is a solution: family and community gardens.

Community members are eager to kickstart their gardens, and we deeply appreciate your unwavering financial support. It’s because of you that we can provide them with the essential tools and seeds to help them realize their gardening aspirations. Together, we’re not just supporting their well-being, but also fostering positive, impactful change.

Please keep these communities in your prayers as they begin these garden projects.

“May the favour of the Lord our God rest on us; establish the work of our hands for us.” – Psalm 90:17