When Melissa Pressley resigned from the NYC Law Department, it wouldn’t be long until she would lose every material asset she owned, including her income, pensions, and life savings. Although her material wealth had evaporated, her faith had not. Melissa knew there was still hope in prayer.

Lorna Dueck

Broadcaster Lorna Dueck Retires from Crossroads Christian Communications, Yes TV and Context Beyond the Headlines

During Lorna’s tenure as Chief Executive Officer, she played a critical role in revitalizing the companies by spearheading significant changes in the operations while staying true to the vision of media evangelism. In the process, she served as a champion for establishing a new media mission centre, fostering new partnerships within the philanthropy community and contributed significantly to our culture of pastoring the nation through Christian voice in media.


How can we pray during this covid-19 crisis?

It was a chaotic March 2020 evening in the ER when I saw the growing concern on the faces of the nursing staff due to the COVID-19 pandemic, when suddenly a directive was put in place for immediate lock-down and visitors were turned away at the doors.

Why Easter changes everything about a global pandemic

There was a major media event scheduled into the origins of Easter. Highly visual and crowd inducing, this media event was the walk of Christ to the place called “the Skull.” Luke 23 in the Gospels describes this walk, and history has immortalized this gawking part of Easter with the name the Via Dolorosa – the way of suffering.

COVID-19 and a Giant Engine of Hope

COVID-19 and a giant engine of hope

None of us imagined our today the way it is. In what feels like a few short weeks, COVID-19 has disrupted our world physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

As the global crisis hits home, Christians and seekers are leaning into God through prayer: for the most vulnerable, frontline workers, people battling fear and anxiety, our government leaders and for a cure.


Keeping the faith amidst Coronavirus chaos, we tell breaking stories from Bethlehem, Italy, Singapore and Canada and share a Christian response

Following the World Health Organizations’ declaration that COVID-19 is a pandemic, fear and sickness has caused widespread social, political and economic disruption around the world…


COVID-19 and our battle to be good

COVID-19 is packing uncertainty and severity with our best medical experts warning us that at least 50% of Canadians will suffer some form the ailment, and perhaps up to 70% of Canadians will contract the coronavirus.