What God is Doing Through Prayer Care

What God is doing through Prayer Care

Crossroads 24/7 Prayer Line has been open for decades, having answered over 13.5 million prayer calls and providing 1,300 prayer interactions daily. Here are just a few recent stories of how this vital prayer line provides comfort to callers.


Diane* was recovering from a painful knee operation and travelling to visit family for Christmas. She became stranded in Calgary when a connecting flight was cancelled due to the snow. In pain and with limited mobility, Diane didn’t know what to do, so she called her sister Maggie*. Maggie called the prayer line! God answered their prayers with a surprise family reunion. It became known that another relative was stranded at the same airport, then other nearby relatives picked them both up and the group celebrated Christmas together. Maggie is praising God for His provision and is grateful for the Prayer Partner who supported them during this situation.


“I am in my 80s and called in asking for prayer support to find someone willing to help me around the house. A younger Christian neighbour came over and offered to help me and he has done excellent work. I am so thankful for God’s provision and for your prayers.” – Dorothy*


Cheryl* has been calling for two weeks for prayer for her granddaughter Macy* who has been sneaking out to meet a man at night. Her father firmly but lovingly confronted her, and she reacted with anger and stopped going to school. Praise the Lord, she returned to school and caught up on missed work. We continue to pray for God’s work in Macy’s life. Cheryl is very thankful for the prayer line.


*Jack’s 7-year-old grandson was in the hospital, not eating, and the doctors could not find what was wrong. The surgeon wanted to operate on his spleen or remove his appendix, but John and his family went to prayer first. Jack called Crossroads at around 3:00 am. He spoke with a Prayer Partner who commanded any sicknesses to flee. Jack’s grandson was released from the hospital perfectly well, no surgery was needed. His parents and the whole family are rejoicing. John wanted to thank the Crossroads prayer team for being available during those emergency hours.


“I am so thankful for the Prayer Partners and follow-up pastors who have helped me through a 15-year-long journey of healing from childhood trauma. When you prayed for me, the words were exactly what I needed to hear, personalized just for me. Thank you for the prayer line, your availability, and how you manifest the care of God.” – Tommy*


Fred* called the prayer line because he was in financial need. Two hours later, he received a ministry call saying they would pay a whole month of his rent. He called back, grateful for the prayer, and said his faith has grown through this experience.


“I called the prayer line when my son was unemployed, and the Lord answered our prayers by providing a job for him. I am so grateful for all of the Prayer Partners.” – Linda*


Tim* called the prayer line because he had just received news that his brother Jason* had a brain aneurysm and was taken to the hospital. After praying, he got in the car with his wife and they just drove, the peace of God keeping them calm. His brother had surgery that evening, and the surgeon spoke to Tim and the brother’s wife, saying he knew something else was at work here because Jason only had one chance in a million to survive, and he did! On the third day, he could eat, communicate with his family, and sit up in his bed. They are all amazed and praising God! Tim would like us to know how thankful he is and how in his own words, “I was so messed up when I got the call that I couldn’t pray, then found your number online and called. Thank you for your ministry.”

*Names have been changed to protect privacy