Update from Crossroads Cares in Prince Albert, SK

In the last five years, Crossroads Cares, through First Peoples Voices, has quietly yet effectively made a difference in Prince Albert, SK. Our focus has been on bringing joy to children and adults who are unhoused, whether it’s through sending kids to camp, providing festive Christmas dinners, or gifting necessities and a bit of cheer. Gifts like Bibles, puzzles, and socks have touched many, sometimes marking their very first received gift.

Cathy is a remarkable First Peoples Champion. With genuine care and empathy, she connects with Indigenous people on the streets, offering both help and hope.

We believe in the power of human connection to convey God’s love. Cathy embodies this, tirelessly working to help those around her. Her efforts have brought essential items like food and clothing to hundreds.

Cathy shared a concerning insight: out of what she estimates are 300 homeless in the area, nearly half are children. This motivates us to intensify our efforts.

Crossroads Cares Director Cheryl Weber says, “The consistent support from our Crossroads Cares partners enables Cathy to meet not just the tangible needs in this community, such as food and clothing, but also to provide spiritual support through prayer and encouragement.”

We invite you to join us in supporting the mission of Crossroads Cares, through First Peoples Voices at https://donate.crossroads.ca/fpv.

Your involvement can help bring further comfort and hope to those in need living on the streets.