I will give thanks to you, Lord, with all my heart; I will tell of all your wonderful deeds.
– Psalm 9:1

Thanks to partners like you, we get to hear amazing stories all the time, like the ones shared below. Crossroads would like to share some of the praise reports each month to show how God has been working through the many programs you support.

A beautiful note of encouragement and testimony from a 100 Huntley Street supporter: “As you know I pray for you guys every day and pray for your programs. Something happened today that in our lives is a miracle. My wife taught school for 25 years, and part of her Ministry is keeping in touch with the teachers she worked with. One teacher has been going through a really bad situation in her life, and this week my wife challenged this girl to watch 100 Huntley Street. Until today, she refused, and for whatever reason, when this girl turned on her TV this morning, it came on YES TV, and it was the intro of 100 Huntley Street. As she told my wife, “I just could not stop listening and watching. I was so impacted by this program.” If I can share, we have tried for many years to get this person to look at Christ and to be honest; it was a major struggle. Thank you for your program today. I know it impacted at least this girl in a special way. Praying for you guys.” – Bob J.