Israel Update – May 2023

Israel is a nation that has faced many challenges, but we often don’t realize it has people living in poverty.

The difficult reality is that 20% of Israel’s population is considered poor. Conflict, turmoil, and the constant threat of war takes its toll on a country, and unfortunately, it is usually the everyday people that feel the brunt of it.

The elderly, working poor, invalids, children at-risk and holocaust survivors are some of those benefitting from the food rescue program facilitated by Crossroads Cares partner Leket Israel.

For over 20 years, their mission has been to rescue nutritious surplus food, preventing food waste and re-distributing it to those who are hungry and need it.

Crossroads Cares Director Cheryl Weber has witnessed first-hand the remarkable logistics and supply chain operations that it takes to successfully deliver the food and meals to the non-profit organizations who are the recipients of the meals.

Last year, thanks to you, our faithful Crossroads Cares supporters, we contributed to the following results in 2022:

  • Provided 61,442,000 pounds of food
  • Fed 234,000 people weekly
  • Partnered with 265 non-profit organizations to provide meals

Together, we can continue to help alleviate hunger and feed the people of Israel.

God bless you and thank you!I know that the Lord secures justice for the poor and upholds the cause of the needy. Psalm 140:12