February Praise Report

Thanks to partners like you, we get to hear amazing stories all the time, like the ones shared below. Crossroads would like to share some of the praise reports, each month, to show how God has been working through the many programs you support.


“Irene’s grandson was born prematurely by C-section Nov 13. It was touch and go for him as he was only 1.1lb.  Irene called the prayer-line to cover him with prayer as it was so severe, and I remembered (staff Prayer Partner) praying and declaring that he would live and not die! I also had shared with Irene that my grandmother was born at 1 lb. and lived. Today she called back for the first time since then and got me again. She was delighted to share that the baby is now 5 lbs., loves blowing bubbles and thanked us for all our prayers. She said that she remembered me telling her about my grandmother and laughed that she got me again – Irene was so grateful for the Lord’s hand upon her grandson and how well he is doing now!

– Prayer Volunteer


Christian Widow gives Bible to Husband’s Killer

“This story teaches us all the power of forgiveness. We should forgive those who hurt us. Forgiveness will set us free; we are all sinners. Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful story, I’ve been struggling to forgive someone who hurt me deeply, but through this story, I decided to forgive and forget.” – Miss L.

“Thank you, God, for showing your true power and love through this family. This is a true definition of a woman of God, all stories will not make the Bible, but this is a powerful testimony. Thank you for sharing what Christ looks like.” – Shay S.

“Heaven is so Beautiful!” Lauren Alaina’s Stepdad sees Jesus in the final moments

“Thank you, Lauren, for sharing. I believe in Heaven, but it helps hearing affirmations about people seeing glimpses. My mom passed away on December 6th. It helps my grief to know that she is in such a beautiful place. Please keep sharing this. If it wins one soul to God’s kingdom, it is worth it.” – Tammy K.


Panida recently received her copy of See Hear Love’s first book, Always Know. She expressed how amazing it has been to read this as part of her daily devotions.

Panida was encouraged by the authentic stories in the book that provided her with Godly insights on the various topics that would’ve otherwise been ignored.


Thanks to you, our faithful partners, First Peoples Voices provided essential items and gifts to many individuals and families in the indigenous community.


Thanks to you, over 30 families in Colombia, have been re-established into a safer community, where tarps have been replaced with proper homes. A clean water system has been installed, improving the community’s overall health and well-being as well. The seeds and tools that were supplied have resulted in gardens growing fresh produce, providing food security and future income.

Tune in at 100 Huntley Street on March 25th at 9AM/PM on YES TV to learn more about this.


I especially love the speakers that have shared their thoughts and ideas on how we can improve in our community with our leadership skills, as well as having a better strategy to teach our youth in our generation today. I really loved that the whole conference was FREE… Thanks for making this event possible to future young leaders like me…” – Gregory D.


“I am overwhelmed with your love and care. A few days ago, your staff called me on my phone and prayed for my family and me in Nigeria. This gave me great joy. The impact of that prayer is still lingering in my heart. This morning, I received a book, ‘The God Who Knows Your Name’ sent to me by Crossroads. I cannot express myself enough of the deep impression of who God is to me. How do I express my gratitude! May the Lord continue to fill you, your ministry with His Holy Spirit, so that the purpose of His great work will be accomplished. I am deeply grateful. – Mercy*

Again, we are thankful for your faithful support as you help bring the life-changing message and the joy of Jesus to our world through this new day, new way, and new hope.

* Name has been changed for privacy reasons