Help Change Her Story

Did you know that when you empower a woman, you empower her entire family and surrounding community as well?

Research shows that women reinvest up to 90% of their earnings back into their households and manage it toward nutrition, food, healthcare, school, and income-generating activities.

Guatemala has one of the youngest populations of Latin American countries, and more than half of them live below the national poverty line. This means children are hungry, and mothers have to watch their children suffer.

Change is happening, and you can help be a part of it. Together with our partner, we can provide training, financial skills, ongoing business practices, and seed capital that will enable women to generate a sustainable income for their families. This will ensure food security for their children and help break the cycle of generational poverty in communities.

You are also helping to shape the future of young girls as they watch their mothers succeed and participate in programs designed to help them make positive life decisions. They are learning they have value and worth, mitigating the risks and vulnerabilities of trafficking and prostitution. We can help them achieve their dreams and become leaders in their homes and communities.

Join us in cultivating, educating, and transforming the future generations of women in Guatemala.

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