Crossroads Unveils ‘Anyone Pray’: An Innovative Prayer Line Platform for Churches, Non-Profits, and Like-Minded Organizations

Canada – March 19, 2024 – Crossroads Christian Communications Inc., a leader in faith and values media content, is excited to announce the launch of ‘Anyone Pray’, a ground-breaking prayer line platform designed for faith communities. Building upon the immense success of the Crossroads Prayer Centre, which has fielded over 13.6 million calls since its inception in 1977, ‘Anyone Pray’ aims to bring personalized prayer support to communities across North America.

Enhanced Connection Through Personalized Prayer Lines

‘Anyone Pray’ offers a unique service for churches seeking to deepen their pastoral care. Upon dialing, callers are greeted by their own church’s name, fostering immediate connection. The platform allows churches to manage follow-ups personally, providing that crucial touch of care and attention to individuals in need. The service’s standout feature is the innovative online Subscriber Dashboard, delivering insightful analytics on call patterns and revealing the community’s spiritual needs.

Proven Excellence in Media Ministry

Crossroads has been a mainstay in faith-based media for over six decades. In 2015, its flagship program, 100 Huntley Street, marked its 10,000th episode, solidifying its status as Canada’s longest-running TV program. With media expansions including YES TV Cable Channel and App, Crossroads’ Castle TV App, and a robust YouTube presence, Anyone Pray is another way Crossroads continues to extend its ministry far and wide.

Anyone Pray is a New Era for Church and Organizational Prayer Support

Designed for churches and other Christian organizations, ‘Anyone Pray’ represents an innovative approach to pastoral care, offering a cost-effective solution for 24/7 crisis pastoral prayer support. “There are very few things in life that gives a person both the value of an eternal impact and the satisfaction of seeing lives transformed.  Anyone Pray is one of those initiatives,” said Kevin Shepherd, Crossroads and YES TV CEO.  Anyone Pray ensures anonymity for those who may hesitate to contact church leaders directly, and nurtures a sense of being known and cared for within a church or organization community.

Empowering Organizational Leadership, Congregants and Community Members

The platform not only supports church and organization members, it also provides tremendous growth and discipleship opportunities for church leaders and community members. Congregants and community members can access ‘Best in Class’ training through the Crossroads Prayer Centre, enhancing their ability to minister to others effectively.

Community Outreach and Support

With ‘Anyone Pray’, churches and organizations can extend their outreach beyond their walls, addressing the needs of the wider community and potentially welcoming new members into their fellowship.

A Comprehensive Toolkit for Churches and Organizations

The ‘Anyone Pray’ Online Subscriber Toolbox equips churches and organizations with all necessary materials to launch the program seamlessly, including logos, videos, email scripts, and social media graphics.

Crossroads invites churches and organizations to embrace this opportunity to enrich their communities and touch the lives of people across the globe through the power of prayer.

For more information on ‘Anyone Pray’, please contact:

Michelle Pommells, Chief Strategy and Chief Development Officer at Crossroads, YES TV.

About Crossroads Christian Communications Inc.:

Founded in 1962, Crossroads Christian Communications Inc. is a leader in providing faith and values media content for all ages. Crossroads operates the Crossroads Prayer Centre, offering 24/7 prayer support, and produces 100 Huntley Street, Canada’s longest-running daily television program.