Crossroads Announces 21st Season Renewal of Context Beyond the Headlines and Welcomes Former Host of 100 Huntley Street, Maggie John, as Anchor

Crossroads Announces 21st Season Renewal of Context Beyond the Headlines and Welcomes Former Host of 100 Huntley Street,  Maggie John, as Anchor

CONTEXT BEYOND THE HEADLINES  premieres September 16 on YES TV with a new familiar face as Anchor/Producer.

(BURLINGTON, ON, SEPTEMBER 14, 2020) Crossroads Christian Communications Inc. announces the renewal of the 21st season of Canada’s award-winning news analysis program, Context Beyond the Headlines.

PLUS, seasoned Journalist Maggie John, former 100 Huntley Street co-host, joins the Context team as Anchor.

Produced by Crossroads Christian Communications Inc., Context Beyond the Headlines is Canada’s premiere Christian voice in news and current affairs. Entering its 21st season, Context continues to explore Christian thought in the news and events that shape our world.

“What a time to be hosting Canada’s Christian news analysis program! The cross-section of faith and news has always intrigued me, in-fact that is what drew me to Listen Up 19 years ago when I served as an intern with Lorna Dueck and her team. The passion for uncovering the God stories in the news has not gone away.”
­– Maggie John, Anchor and Producer

This season, Context Beyond the Headlines will be finding God at work in:

  • (Season Premiere) Racism in Canada – how the U.S. civil rights protests affect the world
  • COVID-19 – will kids stay in school? Will there be a second wave?
  • Cancel Culture – what it means in a rapidly changing and fast paced society
  • Wellness Checks – an interview with Crisis Cops – a new way of policing
  • Inside the Echo Chamber – finding truth in a chaotic media environment

“There is no one else like us on the Canadian airwaves. Race; Covid-19; Opioids; Medical assistance in dying. These are just a few of the topics we all are discussing around the dinner table. Context will continue to do what it has been doing for the past 20 seasons, bring the Christian view into focus.”
– Susan Ponting, Senior Executive Producer


  • THE CUE – A new panel segment offering opposing Christian views and analysis on the issues of the day
  • THE AFTERSHOW – where producers and researchers talk with Maggie about the show – and go ‘deeper’ into the issues and questions you can’t ask on TV!
  • ENCORE!  – Ending on the good news in the world – warming hearts, helping people feel hopeful and inspired

Context Beyond the Headline airs WEDNESDAYS AT 9:30 a.m./9:30p.m. ON YES TV

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