Powerful New Collaboration Song Of Unity And Hope In Time For Canada

Music Video for New Single “Now and Forever (Psalm 121)” by Canada United to debut July 1 on 100 Huntley Street

(BURLINGTON, ONTARIO, June 24, 2020) — Crossroads Christian Communications Inc. (Crossroads) unveils a collaboration project led by award-winning recording artist Mark Masri. The new inspirational single “Now and Forever (Psalm 121)” was recorded coast-to-coast-to-coast by the collaboration group Canada United. It is a spiritually penetrating song inspired by Biblical scripture that serves to provide an anchor of hope at this unprecedented time in history.
The JUNO and Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter Mark Masri (co-host of 100 Huntley Street, Canada’s longest-running daily talk show) has been developing this inspirational track since the onset of COVID-19. “Like so many, we were all in shock from what was unfolding on the world stage with countries, borders, churches and economies shutting down,” said Masri. “And I remember Pastor Robbie Symons (Founding Pastor of Hope Bible Church and Daily Bible Teacher on 100 Huntley Street) encouraging our TV production team through Psalm 121, that our help comes from the Lord, and that there is nothing God can’t protect us from. Well, the very next day, I sat down at the piano and the whole song was born. Every word came from one translation or another of Psalm 121.”

After a few short weeks of collaboration with recording artists and musical talent from across Canada, Masri is ready to share the hope that is sung of in “Now and Forever (Psalm 121)”. The Universal Music singer-songwriter added, “I feel as though the song is a declaration from the church in Canada to the world, so every province and territory, our French and English languages as well as Indigenous communities needed to be represented.”

100 Huntley Street will debut the music video to “Now and Forever (Psalm 121)” by Canada United on YES TV July 1, 2020, at 9:30 am and 8:30 pm. The music video will be available to stream on 100 Huntley Street’s social platforms on the same date, including Facebook and YouTube. The song will release Canada Day for download on Apple Music, Google Play Music and Spotify.

The single’s spiritual and multicultural vibe was heightened by the talent of award-winning music producer Steve Lensink and influential vocal artists, including Brooke Nicholls, 2020 GMA Covenant Awards Female Vocalist of the Year.

“When Mark called me and told me about the project, I knew I wanted to be involved. Of course, the song is great, and it’s an incredible group of artists working together on this thing, but more than that, I loved the humble heart of the song; that no matter the season, God is our help and our guide, our protector and friend. I think that’s something we all need to sing right now.”

­­– Steve Lensink, Producer

As with his magnetic interpretation of the chart-topping cover song “Must Have Been Love,” praised by Roxette, “Now and Forever (Psalm 121)” showcases Masri’s talent as a premier vocalist.  In addition, his partnership with Crossroads serves “Now and Forever,” by bringing the song to life visually – something that Masri says provides another layer of meaning to the song, adding: “The video is a visual representation of God working through His Church in Canada as an anchor of hope to the world at this time.”

The purpose behind “Now and Forever (Psalm 121)” is to provide comfort, to inspire hope, and to remind the Church in Canada and the world that God will see us through the darkness, now and forever. A portion of royalties will go to Crossroads’ 24/7 Toll-Free Prayer Line, which answers over 1,600 calls per day from around the world, helping people find strength and hope through Jesus Christ, especially during COVID-19. Learn more.


Chelsea Amber – BC
Joel Augé – ON
Zoe Ayrton – YK
Jackie Benford – ON
Paul Benford – ON
Daphne Bevacqua – ON
Cathy Borges – ON
Tara Burke – ON
Jenna Burke-Cowans – ON
Esther Bursey – ON
Steve Cottrell – ON
Chris Dallo – ON
Josie Dingler – ON
Melina Dulluku – ON
Ethan & Chelsea Fenton – NS
Khoury Fraser – NB
Matthew Grieve – ON
Jeff Harden – ON
Kelita Haverland – BC
Jaylene Johnson – MB
Kellen Jones – ON
The LaPointes – NB
Londa Larmond – ON
Crystal Lavallee – AB
Dan Macaulay – ON
Mark Masri – ON
Aileen Matta – ON
Ali Matthews – ON
Eric Miller – SK
Brooke Nicholls – ON
Unyime Oguta – NWT
Marlene O’Neill – ON
Mitch Osmond – AB
Sam Osmond – AB
Kevin Pauls – ON
Jason Penalosa – PQ
Phil Spoelstra – BC
Jessica Stringer – NFLD
Dan Thomson – PEI
Tameka Williams – ON


Steve Lensink – Producer/Keys
Rob Brown – Drums
Jacob Moon – Guitars
Daniel Cowans – Hammond
Rich Moore – Bass

About Crossroads:

Crossroads is Canada’s leading Christian voice in media, providing faith and values content for people of all ages. For over 55 years, Crossroads has been connecting millions of viewers worldwide to the Good News of Jesus Christ through inspirational content and has answered more than 12 Million prayer calls. 100 Huntley Street, the flagship program of Crossroads founded by Rev. David Mainse, remains the sixth longest-running daily show in TV history with over 12,000 episodes. Crossroads is also a highly respected and effective not-for-profit aid agency, having responded in times of natural disaster worldwide, raising funds and partnering with on-site, non-government organizations for emergency relief and long-term rebuilding strategies.

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