Broadcaster Lorna Dueck Retires from Crossroads Christian Communications, Yes TV and Context Beyond the Headlines

Crossroads Christian Communications Inc. (Crossroads) and Yes TV today announced that Lorna Dueck, CEO of Crossroads and Yes TV and Executive Producer and Host of Context Beyond the Headlines, has decided to retire effective April 30, 2020. Crossroads’ Board of Directors are in the interview process for a new CEO of the companies following Lorna’s retirement.

Lorna has served in her current role of CEO since July 2016, and prior to that, founded the Canadian charity Media Voice Generation (now merged with Crossroads) where she launched the television program Context with Lorna Dueck in 2003 under its previous name Listen Up TV.

During Lorna’s tenure as Chief Executive Officer, she played a critical role in revitalizing the companies by spearheading significant changes in the operations while staying true to the vision of media evangelism. In the process, she served as a champion for establishing a new media mission centre, fostering new partnerships within the philanthropy community and contributed significantly to our culture of pastoring the nation through Christian voice in media.

“There was much renewal ready to occur with the great staff at this 50-year-old media mission when I stepped into the CEO role, and it will always be the greatest career highlight of my life to have been called to serve in this media mission.”
– Lorna Dueck

“The Board deeply appreciates Lorna’s excellent and faithful service over many years, leading us to a place of stability and flourishing.”
– Steve Novoselac, Board Chair of Crossroads & Yes TV

Prior to being named CEO, Lorna began serving at Crossroads in 1994 under the leadership of the founder Rev. David Mainse, co-hosting Canada’s longest running daily TV show, 100 Huntley Street. From 2003 to 2016, Lorna took her passion for a Christian voice in mainstream media to the CBC building in Toronto where she built an office for Media Voice Generation and Context TV in the heart of Canada’s largest media district.

Lorna’s next chapter will include caring for the Parkinson’s community as she navigates the challenges of her husband’s disease. 100,000 Canadians live with Parkinson’s and she is honoured to use her voice to help those who are suffering.

Lorna’s farewell episode and completion of hosting Context will broadcast Wednesday, April 29, 2020 at 8pm on Yes TV, and be available for streaming at

Context will continue building a Bridge to Christ through news media under the leadership of Susan Ponting, Senior Executive Producer and newly appointed Maggie John (former 100 Huntley Street host) as the new Context host, starting on May 4, 2020.