Welcoming All into the Family of God

The Crossroads Prayer Centre is committed to sharing encouragement, hope and ultimately the gift of salvation with all who connect with us.

Recently, a twelve-year old boy called into the Prayer Lines on behalf of his grandmother who was ill and seeking for a new place to live. After praying with him, the Prayer Partner asked if the boy had a relationship with Jesus. The boy explained that his parents were Christians and he was a regular church goer. As they dug deeper, it was clear to both of them that he had never prayed to receive Jesus as his Saviour. The Prayer Partner extended the invitation of salvation to the boy who gladly accepted. Like all of our wonderful Partners do when given the opportunity, the Prayer Partner led this twelve-year old boy into the family of God.

Your continued support and generosity to Crossroads allowed for this special connection to occur. Thousands of calls take place daily that allow “the one” to be reached through the power of prayer.

Do you or someone you know have a prayer request? We’d love to pray with you. Just give us a call at: 1-866-273-4444, and one of our Prayer Partners will be happy to pray with/for you or your loved one.