Prayer Repair

Life at the Prayer Centre is not for the faint of heart. Every day we hear from people from all over Canada and the world who have gone from utterly distressed to miraculously blessed thanks to God’s work through our programming and prayer lines. In this issue, I’ve highlighted two remarkable stories that I pray will inspire you and bless you deeply.

3-day miracle

Anna’s life was in shambles: drugs of all kinds strewn about, and there were bruises all over her body — bruises from her husband’s hands. For years, doctors warned her about her declining health, but that was no surprise. That is, until her doctor predicted an imminent fatal heart attack. The only hope of reversing her fate would be to quit drugs on the spot — an impossible task for an addict but very possible for God. When she got home, she broke down and said, “God if you take these addictions away, I will follow you.” Shortly after that declaration, she heard someone say, “GET RID OF EVERYTHING – DESTROY EVERYTHING.” From that moment on she was craving-free and never experienced any withdrawal symptoms. God had answered her prayer, but He was not finished with her yet. Three days later, while flipping through channels, in the middle of the night, she came across 100 Huntley Street and right then she had her first Christian connection. Her spirit was moved to call the prayer lines. Thankfully, a nightshift prayer partner was standing by who encouraged her to seek help for the abuse. The next day Anna sought help at a local women’s shelter – and finally worked up the courage to stand up to her abusive husband saying, “if you don’t leave — I’ll show the police the bruises.” In three short days, Anna experienced a total life transformation. She kept in constant contact with Crossroads and gave her life to Jesus. Today, Anna is grateful to God for listening to her prayers and for directing her to 100 Huntley Street.

Using Google for good

Ginette from Montreal had just given birth to her third child. At a time when she should have been on cloud nine, Ginette lay in bed all day gripped by sadness, living in a perpetual state of anxiety. Fearful of the horrifying visions that flooded her mind, and Ginette Googled “prayer line.” Crossroads was the first name to appear. Up until this call, she had never read the Bible or attended church. With every prayer, Ginette felt that the weight of depression had been lifted. Thanks to Pastor Neil’s continuous support, and 100 Huntley Street, Ginette found joy in the Lord. She also found comfort, inspiration and a renewed will to live. Today, Ginette is a joyful wife and mother of three, living out her faith with her family. Thanks to God she sees the beauty all around her — namely her children, nature, flowers, butterflies, animals, and life in all of its abundance. She also shares her miracle prayer repair testimony with anyone in need of hope.