New Beginnings in Nigeria

Imagine being a child separated from your mother during a raid on your village. Scared and alone, an aunt takes you in and forces you into marriage when you are only 13 years old. Then you discover that your husband is part of the militant group Boko Haram: one of the largest Islamist groups conducting terrorist attacks on religious and political groups, killing innocent people. Your life has now become one of uncertainty, abuse, and fear.

A couple of years pass, you are pregnant, afraid, and longing to run. You never chose this life. You want a better life for your child. What do you do, and who do you turn to for help?

Join us on November 10th on 100 Huntley Street as Crossroads Cares shares a life-changing opportunity in Nigeria for young women, offering them a new beginning.

Crossroads Cares will introduce you to Mara’s House, a safe Christian refuge that receives young women from persecution, terrorism, conflict, kidnappings, and forced child marriages. Mara’s House, operated by Christian Faith Ministries, provides accommodations, meals, medical care, and Biblical discipleship. While they are being cared for, the young women also receive education in literacy and mathematics, vocational training, small business training, and farming skills so they can build their lives and have opportunities for a brighter future.

Mara’s House needs our help in completing construction on the second story of a dormitory building that will house 200+ women and their children

Each young woman at Mara’s House has their own distressing story, and together with your help, we can complete the construction and provide them with a new beginning.

Be sure to tune in on November 10th on 100 Huntley Street.