How can we pray during this COVID-19 crisis?

“Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.”

– Philippians 4:7-8

It was a chaotic March 2020 evening in the ER when I saw the growing concern on the faces of the nursing staff due to the COVID-19 pandemic, when suddenly a directive was put in place for immediate lock-down and visitors were turned away at the doors

Fortunately, I could remain with my Mom who had been brought by ambulance several hours earlier with a potential heart issue. But the atmosphere had shifted to one of alarm as the triage teams and Doctors began dealing with those patients already in the corridors.

Although I would have to self-isolate with my Mom, since she had just returned from Florida, all her tests came back completely normal and we were released before midnight – exhausted, but grateful that with rest she would be feeling completely well soon

I resolved that I would intentionally pray for the protection and emotional peace of the medical community who were on the front lines of the fight against COVID-19.

They needed God’s strength to serve the many patients who were looking to them for help in this crisis. As well, to care for the other critically ill persons who had other urgent medical issues.

My concern for my Mom was reshaped to be a prayerful response for our world, our nation, our extended families (one of my uncles in the USA was in hospital with COVID-19), for front-line workers and our leaders both provincially and nationally.

St. Paul in the verses above outlines that God’s peace will guard our hearts and minds as we pray about every situation that touches our lives when we present those needs to our loving heavenly Father in heaven, in Jesus Name.

God listens to our prayers and invites into partnership with Him in touching our world through loving prayer care.

We experience that reality on Crossroads’ 24/7 Prayer Lines (1-866-273-4444), as thousands of callers have received comfort when one of our Prayer Partners prays with them about their concerns during this COVID-19 pandemic. One night this week, two nurses called in together for prayers for their protection on the front lines, and they said that they were greatly encouraged after prayer. And my uncle who we were praying for, he was released back home the next night!

Here are some of the prayer points that we are praying about with callers on the 24/7 Prayer Lines. Use them as a prayer guide, knowing that God will hear you!

Daily Prayer Focus

  • For the sick
    • Cure or finding a vaccine against the COVID-19 virus
    • Healing for those who are sick of COVID-19 and those who are carrying it without knowing
    • Right and appropriate medical attention
    • For their sickness to bring them closer to God
  • For the healthcare workers and others who are in the frontline
    • Keep them safe and strong
    • Remove any fear and may stay clear-minded in the midst of intense surrounding
    • Endurance for the long hours of work
    • Pray for provision for the needs of their families
    • Protection from being exposed to those who are sick
  • For the vulnerable
    • Protection for those who are suffering from existing illness
    • Protection for the elderly and those who are weak
    • Provision for the less able
    • Provision for basic needs like shelter and food
  • For the unemployed
    • Able to avail government benefits
    • To overcome panic and anxiety
    • Break the chain of imminent financial burden
    • Enable them Lord to see you during this crisis
    • Economic recovery for Canada and the rest of the world
  • For leaders of the land
    • Wisdom and guidance
    • Strength and resilience
    • Compassion
    • Unity among them to govern for an effective solution
  • For students and families
    • Continuous provision – food, shelter and other essentials
    • Give them necessary caution to protect them from the virus
    • Keep them from anxiety in this time of uncertainty
    • Deeper relationships with God and loved ones within the family
  • For the churches
    • Be the guiding light
    • Unity among churches to build the kingdom of God
    • To transform this outbreak into an opportunity for outreach to the community
    • Teach us your people to humbly come before you in prayer, trusting you alone our Lord Jesus!