God is listening. Prayer can heal!

Three lives forever changed…

Praise the Lord that our prayer lines are making a difference in the lives of so many across the nation. No other media organization in Canada has this kind of reach — and we have people like you to thank for that. 

Here are just a few we’ve had the privilege to listen to in recent weeks:

A 12-year-old boy called to ask, “Would God be mad at me if I took my life?”

Feeling alone and abandoned, this boy had googled “prayer lines” at just the right time. Our prayer partner was able to lead him to Jesus while also suggesting how he could reach out to his estranged parents. The call ended with the boy’s promise that he would choose life in Christ instead of suicide. He even called back a few hours later, excited to report that he had already reached out to his parents and that the avenues of communication were open again!

In the middle of the night, 90-year-old Hilda called our prayer lines for the first time.

She had just learned that her heart wasn’t functioning well and didn’t know how much time she has left. Hilda didn’t have any faith but wanted something to make her believe again and to be on the right road before she died. A friend had given her the prayer line’s toll-free number, and after our prayer partner gently shared the way of salvation, Hilda willingly responded. She invited Jesus to become her personal Saviour, and connected with a nearby church so she could grow in her new-found faith.

Jeff and Madeline, a married couple who had recently begun to feel very unsettled by their lifestyle, wanted to change their lives.

Our prayer partner took their call, first talking and praying with Jeff and then with Madeline. Both then came on the line and prayed to invite Jesus into their hearts and lives!