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Donna Kechnie from Kitchener
I have always had great respect for Norma Jean and David Mainse. As was mentioned, they made you feel special whenever you met them. What a great Christian Canadian Statesman.! Love to all the family.
Robert & Belva Christie from Parksville, B C.
We are so sorry to hear of David's death. Our memories of David and Norma Jean are many. We first started watching 100 Huntley Street in 1985 and soon thereafter started to donate and help support them. We are still watching them each day. When they came to Vernon we would go to their suppers. When David crossed the country to thank his supporters we met them and had tea with them. We feel like we have lost a great friend and a pillar in our life. But we are so much richer for having known them and learned so much from them. God bless their family. Our love, Bob and Belva.
Rene Rodriguez from Nepean
My dear sister in the Lord Norma Jean, please accept this note as my deepest sentiments of condolences for your late and beloved husband David Mainse, in my name and of those of my family. May the thought that David is already enjoying our great Lord in Heaven comfort your soul in Jesus name.
Norma Layne-Akinbode from Calgary
My condolences in memories of David who has inspires, and touch my heart with his ministry. He was thoroughly a disciple of god. Rejoice in your new eternal life with God in Heaven.
Lynda-Sue Ledingham from London
Glory to God! Rev. Mainse always exuded the love and joy of Jesus. We are so grateful for all the ways Rev. and Mrs. Mainse model Jesus to all. What a wonderful family and tribute to a Mighty Man of God. We know Rev. Mainse is celebrating and cheering us all on from Heaven. With Much Love and Appreciation, Lynda-Sue.
Lori-Lynn Chaudhary from British Columbia
Praise God for the gift of this man's life. Rev. David Mainse' ministry for Jesus Christ touched many lives, including that of my family's, for which I am eternally grateful. I pray the Lord to be especially close to the Mainse' family now, and always. May the Lord continue to bless his ministry, that many more will be won for Jesus' sake. Amen
Rebecca (Becky) Tavenor from Waterloo, Ontario. Canada
Dear Maines' Family, I just heard about your father passing six days ago; when I was watching 100 Huntley Street. I saw your father in Ottawa on Parliament Hill in 2001. Our church and other churches went to go and see him speaking about Canada and what was God plan for Canada as a whole. We all felt God and Jesus presence. I can;t explain it it was amazing as we came together as one for God and Jesus. Your father gave an awesome speech which we will never forget. He strengthen our faith for God and Jesus. and Canada. I love watching your father on 100 Huntley Street always happy and smiling all the time and you could see that he love God and Jesus so very much in his heart. I thank God for 100 Huntley Street every day because of your father and the staff. I lost both my parents in the same year in1986/87 and I had to think about my eternal. So in 1990 I was watching 100 Huntley Street and two of the staffs on the show was talking about Jesus and having a personal relationship with him. I knew about God and Jesus while I was growing up thanks to my mother and that started at the age of 7 years old going to a movie with my Mom and watching the Sound of Music. Which I have that movie as of today. My mom took the three of us to bible school in a lady's house and she talked about God and Jesus and I went to church with my mom off and on. But as soon as I heard that I could have a personal relationship with God and Jesus in 1990 that is when I accepted God and Jesus into my life as my Lord and Savior. And I thank-you all and your father David Maines from the bottom of my heart for 100 Huntley Street and I watch the show every day. I want to share a saying to everyone who as lost a love one. I got this at my church during when I lost my grandmother, but just to let you know; I did not write this saying. The message says: My First Christmas In Heaven I see the countless Christmas trees Around the world below With tiny lights, like Heaven's stars Reflecting in the snow The sight is so spectacular Please wipe away that tear For I am spending Christmas With Jesus Christ this year I hear the many Christmas songs That people hold so dear But the sounds of music can't compare With the Christmas choir up here For I have no words to tell you The joy their voices bring For it is beyond description To hear an angle sing I know how much you miss me I see the pain inside your heart But I am not so far away We are really not apart So be happy for me dear ones You know I hold you dear And be glad I"m spending Christmas With Jesus Christ this year I send you each a special gift From my Heavenly home above I send you each a memory Of my undying Love For after all, "Love" is the gift More precious than our gold It is always most important In the stories Jesus told So please love and help each other As my Father said to do For I cannot count the blessings Or the Love He has for you I can't tell you of the splendor Or the peace here in this place Can you imagine Christmas With our Savior, face to face? I"ll ask Him to lift your spirit As I tell him of your love So then pray one for another As you lift your eyes above So please let your hearts be joyful And let your spirits sing For I"m spending Christmas in Heaven And walking with the King I hope and pray for all who find comfort in this Christmas message because that is what Christmas is all about God and Jesus Christ and the "Love" He has for all of us. My thoughts and prays are with all the family and friends of David Mainse. It is not good bye or so long, but we will see you again; David Mainse. You rest in peace with God and Jesus Christ. With Love❤ Becky Waterloo, Ont.
Joyce Dube from Riverview, N. B.
May Jesus comfort you Norma Jean and each of your family members at this time. Pastor David was such a blessing to me with the 100, his humility and love for each one will be missed but he is home, I feel he was my on line pastor. Love & blessings Joyce D
Tina Desjardins from Almonte
Our condolences to the family. David (100 Huntley St) was one of the first to sow seeds of faith as a child and I am forever grateful for that!
Rodney Loewen from ST. CATHARINES, ON
Dear Maines' family, My deepest sympathy on your loss. It is good to know that David Maines is now in Heaven in the very presence of Jesus! He impacted a lot of lives in his 81 years and I'm sure many lives have been changed because of his faithfulness to the Lord's calling.
With my deepest sympathy to the Maines' family on the Homegoing of David Maines, your husband, father, grandfather and great-grandfather. Whenever I was able to listen to Crossroads I was always truly blessed and encouraged. PTL!
I'm so sorry to the family for your loss and I pray that God's peace will be with you all. I have been watching 100 Huntley regularly for the past 3 years at a time in my life where I have been facing a life storm and devastation and hit rock bottom. Everyone on the show has felt like my family and community of support even if it is through the TV. I have been given hope through your prayer lines in a situation that appeared hopeless and when I was drowning in grief and pain sometimes I thought I would never make it through except for the prayer lines and Huntley TV and I know this was all not possible if it wasn't for David Mainse's vision. There are no words to express my heartfelt gratitude and healing that has gone on inside me thanks to your ministry. Hope his family can find comfort that David is no longer in pain and suffering and dancing on the streets of gold up in heaven. Love to Norma Jean, Ron and the 3 other kids.
Barbara Diane Dawson from Mount Forest
Rev. David Mainse was a very gracious man. I had the privilege of meeting him twice.
Karen Trott (nee Musgrove) from Edmonton
My fondest memory of David, was of hearing from my Dad about how David would quite often have dinner at my Grandparents (Charles and Eileen Musgrove) house in Toronto. I was very upset to hear of his passing, and I send my love, condolences and prayers to the Maine family. He has touched a lot of lives, and I am grateful for the chance to know him through Huntley Street.
Don/Betty Wiebe from Carman
Julia from Surrey, BC
Our sincerest condolences to the family and friends! We wanted to thank God for the many blessings we have received through sharing the scriptures and teachings with David over the years. He will truly be missed but we are grateful to have shared his personal messages and teachings while he was here on Earth. We rejoice in knowing we will meet again in Heaven and that he will be there to greet us as well. May God continue to give all those who mourn his loss, comfort and strength at this time. We will hold fast to God's promises and his word as we will be encouraged continually by the teachings of David, the Lord's faithful and mighty servant. Lovingly, Julia
Charlie and Lydia Bugge' from Cary
Our love and prayers are with you and all your family. His life touched so many.
Nancy from Mississauga
My sincere condolences as you mourn the loss of David, father, grandfather and great - grandfather; colleague and friend. We are never ready to say goodbye to those we love however we rejoice knowing that he is with the Lord. I praise God for David's faithfulness to the gospel through all these years. As a young woman I remember traveling with my sister-in-law to Toronto to be part of the 100 Huntley St. studio audience. These days my heart is truly blessed as I participate in the Read through the Bible. It was delightful to have both David and Ron sharing the time together for several months. Thank you David for the legacy you leave through your life and ministry!
Anthony from Waterloo,Ontario
I am thankful for David and 100Huntley st.It was in the summer of 1977 that I first saw 100 Huntley St..At first I was skeptical when I first watched the show ,but I was drawn to watching it more and more. Then the day Ernie Hollands was the guest ,I asked Jesus into my heart. I am thankful for David's answering God's calling and direction in his life and the challenge He is laid out for all of us to make a difference with our lives and to touch others around us with God's love and the Gospel ,no matter the size of each our mission fields
Helen Nicholas from Sudbury Ontario
I am thankful to the Lord for sending David Mainse to mark out a path that followed Jesus ... Through God's strength he encouraged many to walk the walk. I pray Blessings to each of the Mainse' family members.... Especially Norma-Jean at this time. God Bless You Good!