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Heather Hirstwood from Coboconk, on
David Mainse was a great man of God. My sincere sympathies to Norma Jean, and all their family.
Shirley Falconer from Innisfail AB
My condolences to Norma Jean and all of your family as you grieve the passing of David. May God comfort your hurting hearts. I never met David but I admired hiis considerable abilities as well as his warm and loving attitude toward people. What a great ambassador for Jesus Christ.
Laura Cory from Windsor
David Mainse has led many of us to Christ over the years. I became a born-again Christian in 1982. My faith has become much deeper and stronger. I see the importance of all Christians standing together to fight the growing evil in this world. Thank you David Mainse. You were truly a man of God.
Sherry from Saskatchewan
When I heard the news about David I quietly sobbed. As the world gradually says good-bye to many strong, valiant, and loving leaders of faith I found myself asking who the Lord would send to replace David and others like him. (Bless you Lorna et al!) I also found myself saying, "Here I am Lord, send me." May you, his family, be blessed just knowing how many were blessed by him.
Neil & Annette from Calgary
Our sincere condolences to the Mainse Family and team at Crossroads. David was truly a Spiritual Father to so many in this nation. He will be dearly missed. We are so thankful for the Godly legacy he leaves - Christian programming will continue. We challenge everyone to donate $100 in honour of that legacy.
Sophie from Mississauga
So sad to hear about Rev. Mainse's passing, but I know that he has gone home to glory. I enjoyed learning from his devotions and seeing the beautiful pictures of his family. He has been a source of inspiration in my life. He will be missed.
Valerie & Wayne Priest from RR2 Debert
David & Norma Jean were the first singing evangelists that we seen on television. That was even before we could view them on our local station here in NS. We have followed them through the years and met them in person as well. A highlight of our vacation to ON one year was to visit Crossroads and oh what precious memories. Viewing 100 Huntley through the years helped us to gain wisdom through many trials that we endured in this life but always giving us such great hope in Jesus! We celebrate David's life and we are so thankful for all that he accomplished in Canada for our Lord in sharing the Gospel. Thanks also to David's wife & whole family for the encouragement you've brought to viewers as well. All those that managed the phones & called many, including us with a willingness to pray for us and to keep in touch for followup. It was a pleasure to donate to the memorial fund for David..<3 God bless all that continue to carry on this wonderful ministry that is needed in Canada even more than ever these days. In Christ, Valerie & Wayne Priest.
Brenda Hawkes from Edgett's Landing, N.B.
To David's family & the ministry family @ Crossroads, The steadfastness of David Mainse & 100 Huntley Street has been a great blessing to this nation & more specifically to me. I came to Christ watching the program over 23 years ago. Thank-you to God & the faithfulness of His people. May God strengthen each one of you.
Hello Norma Jean Please accept my condolences on the passing of your beloved David. He must have been such an encouragement to you over the years. I gave my heart to Jesus in 1979 and when 100 Huntley St came to our local station I became an ardent viewer and eventually taped the programs to watch in the evenings. I was always inspired and blessed by the programs and would agree that David had a winsome way of presenting Jesus to our nation and around the world. A year and a half after I was saved, my husband got saved and while re-recuperating from a broadside accident watched Huntley St in his bedroom as after five to six weeks in hospital he couldn't walk because of the injuries/pain. Watching Huntley St really clinched his salvation and he went on to be baptized in the Holy Spirit. Later my husband was instrumental in finding a farm tractor for David one weekend while having meetings in Owen Sound and took him to meet the man he would later buy the tractor from.The year may have been 1990 May the Lord bless you and keep you Norma Jean. Love in Jesus B.J. Davidson
Hope Tupper from Saskatoon, Sask.
God’s kingdom is richer having accepted David Mainse. He was a great Godly man who lived his life first honouring God, second his family and third ministery. I shook David and Norma Jean’s hand when visited the Pallivon of Promise at Expo in Vancouver. What an honour! Have been supporters for many year’s because believe in what was done to the glory of God. Really grieve David’s passing but to all of YOU his beloved family send prayer of comfort to you. God’s richest blessings be upon each one. Love Hope
Clinton & Gwen Marble from Dartmouth NS
Sincere condolences to Norma Jean and the Mainse family.???? Take comfort in DANIEL 12:3 Those who are wise will shine like the brightness of the heavens,☀️???? and those who lead many to righteousness, like the stars for ever and ever. DAVID'S SOUL SHINES!!???? [
Jane Ponsen from Brampton
My family all of us loved to watch this show almost every day. David surely will be missed as he was such a good witness of the Salvation by our Lord Jesus. Jesus only is the way, truth and the life!
Joan Beatty from Deschambault Lake, Sk.
Condolences to Mainse family. What a legacy! We have no church in our First Nations community so Huntley Street is a daily source of bible teaching and inspiration for many of us. The compassion and the love of Jesus always shone through in the work of Mr. Mainse. He would often tear up along with his guests and audience. .As someone who worked in the mainstream media, he was a “master” communicator in getting the “real “ story out! God bless.
Frank Bolton from Calgary
David was truly a man of God. He inspired me with his faith, love of others and his gentle spirit. His family all seem to have these same attributes. God bless you all!
Wendy Joanasie from Cape Dorset
David Mainse and his family and ministry shone such a sweet light into my Arctic home. We that live in rural and remote places so love David, his family, and the many hosts and guests that he has so kindly brought into our homes. Thank you so much, all of you, for sharing yourselves with us. I pray God will bless and strengthen each one of you. Ron and Ann, I had the great pleasure of travelling with you to Israel last year.
Don Aaskow from Crossfield Alta.
I am so sorry to hear of Davids passing, please except my deepest heart felt sympathy. God bless him for all he has done in the name Jesus. They are now together in heaven.
Bill & Deb McPherson from Edmonton
Heartfelt Sympathy for us all ...Pastor David's memory will remain in our heart forever.....~ until we meet again
Norah Bleazard from Burlington
I'm so sorry to hear of your loss. Whenever I felt confused or anxious, David Mainse had such a gentle voice when he spoke. He always presented God's Word in a way that always made sense. He will be missed.
Linda Sokalofsky from Delta,
I first met David Maines at Vancouver's Expo 86 in the Pavilion of Promise and, he has been a part of my every day ever since. I look forward to meeting up with him each day going forward as he continues to provide his 100 words with the help of his family. My heart aches that I don't have the funds to donate to continue to support his work as it has in the past and continues to be most worthy of praise here in Canada. But, I will always be a follower and supporter in heart and prayer. God Bless you all as you carry on David's vision. To the Maines Family ..I am so sorry for your loss. I send my love to you.
Mac and Betty LaFrance from Ancaster, ON
Having known David Mainse and Norma Jean for over 48 years, I can honestly say that it has been a privilege to spend time with them. David loved God with everything in him and his Saviour, Jesus Christ, was his whole life. David treated everyone with respect and genuine interest. He came to Bethel Gospel Tabernacle in Hamilton with a goal to evangelize our city and this goal resulted in many new Christians joining Bethel. His message was all about winning souls for God and then genuinely loving them. He and Norma Jean have remained friends all these years later and we will forever be grateful for that friendship. We love you Norma Jean and will support you as you move forward. Mac and Betty LaFrance.