Crossroads honours its longest-serving prayer partner

Anne is an amazing woman of God. She has been so faithful in being on the prayer lines at 100 Huntley Street for 40 years of ministry. What a treasure she is!! Congratulations, Anne! You are such a blessing in so many ways! Great will be your reward in heaven one day. You are dearly loved! Love and blessings.

Norma Jean Mainse

Recently, Anne Johnston celebrated 40 years of ministry on the prayer lines – officially making her Crossroads’ longest-serving prayer partner. She began downtown Toronto in the 100 Huntley Street studios and continues to pray for callers in need of hope to this day. For the past 20 years, Anne has parlayed her passion for Christian outreach into 20 public schools across the GTA to bring students into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ –with the goal of reaching 30 schools in 2020.

We’ve tracked Anne down during her mission’s trip in Tanzania to glean insights into her experience on the prayer lines, her most memorable caller, and what advice she has for anyone considering becoming a Crossroads prayer partner.

Here is an excerpt from that discussion.

What made you want to join the prayer team?

I decided to go down to see a live viewing of the 100 Huntley Street show in Toronto and got to see the counsellors as they were ministering. While there, I felt that this is something I would like to do for God.

What impact has the prayer team had on your life?

The prayer team draws you closer to God and is very spiritually rewarding. It will change your prayer life for sure, and the support from our prayer team is amazing.

Why have you worked with the prayer team so long?

The prayer team is a lifeline to those who are hurting and broken-hearted, depressed, lonely and in need of God. I also believe in the power of prayer and believe that it can work miracles. I have witnessed it so many times; it is incredible.

Have you noticed any changes in the people who would call 40 years ago to the people calling today?

The need and the situation are the same, but now more urgent. Back when I started in the ’70s, the most common prayer request was a lot of family problems, financial issues and suicide. In this era, I continue to get those types of calls, but I also receive calls dealing with depression and loneliness more and more.

Do you have any stories about callers you would like to tell?

A woman called in, her husband was having an affair, and she was preparing to commit suicide around Christmas time. She had taken the time to make sure that she had bought everyone their Christmas gifts and finished all of her Christmas baking for the family as she wanted them to enjoy their Christmas. As a last resort, she called into the prayer line. I was able to pray with her, and after my shift, I got permission from Crossroads to visit and talk with her. I took another prayer partner with me there, and this woman showed us all of the things that she had done/prepared before she was ready to take her life. We prayed and talked with her, and she decided not to take her life. As well, that morning, she also gave her life to Christ. To God, be the glory!

A few years later, I met this lady at a church as she saw me and recognized me. She is doing much better now and living for Jesus.

What would you say to someone considering becoming a crossroads prayer partner?

You should definitely do it. It is a great ministry to be involved in. It will bring you and those around you closer to God and will also help you in your daily prayer life.