Courage for Colombia Final Report

For years the Paez people have suffered persecution and oppression from the radical natives and “drug cartels” that surround the places they live. They are persecuted for their faith because their obedience to God’s Word will not allow them to join the violent factions in their areas. This Christian persecution has caused horrible living conditions drawing attention on a national and international level. They have had to flee and find refuge in the mountains’ furthest reaches, establishing new communities with other believers. Despite hardships, they have remained faithful to the LORD since the first missionaries arrived more than 80 years ago. In partnership with Voices of the Martyrs, Crossroads Cares had an opportunity to help one of those villages located in the El Tablon mountains. 

Thanks to the financial support of our partners and viewers, we gave them hope in the face of adversity, helped rebuild their lives, and inspired future generations with God’s love. 

Crossroads Cares had an opportunity to share the plight of the Paez people on 100 Huntley Street and as a result, over $222,000 was raised to impact the lives of 30+ persecuted families in the following ways: 

  •  Purchased materials to replace tarp houses with steel roofs and clay walls to provide security and shelter from the elements.
  • Purchased agricultural tools and seeds to establish gardens, supplying food and potential income for families.
  • Installed 2 portable water treatment systems reducing water-borne illnesses, improving the overall health and well-being of children and families, as well as irrigation for gardens.
  • Built a community center for families to gather as believers and for the children to use as a learning space.
  • Constructed proper restrooms for sanitation and hygiene.
  • Purchased and installed 2 greenhouses for year-round food production.
  • Purchased 2 cows and 1 bull for milk, protein, and breeding.
  • Supplied Bibles for the community and for sharing the gospel message with surrounding neighbours. 

Courage in Colombia project began in 2019, and in just three years, thanks to the LORD and the support of Canadians, a new humble, resilient, and beautiful Christian community overcame persecution. They have faced many challenges, but they know God is with them on their journey to follow Him and serve their community and neighbours in the way Jesus taught. 

“Sometimes when you are passing through a really bad circumstance, you cannot see the whole picture of what the Lord is doing. I think that God is really working in our hearts, and when we help people, we just bring hope to them.” – Sam Hernandez, Society Director Colombia Para Cristo 

Thank you!