Aerospace Engineer Transformed after Praying to Jesus: Alex Jacob’s Story

In a world where technology should meet every aspect of our day-to-day needs, there remains something it cannot replace, something that can bring physical and psychological well-being, fill the void within, relieve stress and give us hope. It’s free and doesn’t even require a Wi-Fi connection, and the good news is that the more you do it, the greater its effect: It’s Crossroads 24/7 prayer lines.

For Alex Jacob, a highly successful Aerospace Engineer, life couldn’t look better: A successful career, loving family, good friends, but below the surface loneliness and a feeling of disconnection was pulling him down. Despite having given his life to Jesus at the tender age of 12, Alex felt that something was wrong. He felt discouraged, despite his faith, despite his material blessings. For Alex, this gaping void had lasted decades.

But one day, while watching 100 Huntley Street, Alex felt God leading him to call into the prayer lines — a prompting that would forever change his life for the better. From that day on, Alex started calling regularly. “I called in for many things, and there have just been many changes. God has been working. It’s been amazing!” The one thing keeping Alex from living a meaningful life was a real relationship with Jesus.

Alex tells Greg that the fundamental shift within was not by only hearing about God’s teaching, but by understanding who Jesus is — getting to know Jesus through the support of our Prayer Partners

With over 100 dedicated Prayer Partners and an average of 1,700 calls pouring into the prayer center daily, the prayer lines have become the beating heart of Crossroads, and a source of solace for suffering souls, like Alex’s, in need of prayer.

Alex Jacob is more than a case study — he is a strong validation that the power of prayer is alive. What touches callers the most is how much the Prayer Partners listen and ask questions. Where loneliness continues to be an increasing problem in modern life, our Prayer Partners are in the prayer center 24/7, making callers aware that their life has value, and helping them find a way back home to Jesus.

But what is truly amazing is that the prayer doesn’t stop at the call; each individual prayer request is written out, put in a prayer basket, prayed over and sent to the Ministry Centre where it is prayed over again for weeks.

Sharing the truth—letting people know about the great gift we have in Jesus Christ has always been the cornerstone of Crossroads’ Ministry. For us, partnering in prayer has, and will continue to be, a top priority for improving lives to fill the void that Christ alone can fill, and bring people, just like Alex, into a relationship with Christ one call at a time.

Watch Alex’s story here:

If you’re going through your own wilderness journey right now, remember hope is just a call away. Call 1-866-273-4444 right now to rekindle hope and reconnect with Jesus.