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Who We Are

Join us in helping to "Give Life" to people in need around the world.

Through our humanitarian projects we are saving lives by providing clean water, feeding and agricultural programs.  Rescuing sex trafficked and street children along with providing education and skills training.

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Canadian Government to Match Donations

We extend our heartfelt appreciation for the compassionate response from our viewers. Over $618,000 will be matched by the Canadian Government!!

Our compassion and prayers are extended to the thousands of people and families affected by the typhoon that struck the Philippine’s this past weekend. The number of confirmed dead has reached over 5,000 with another 20,000+ injured, and the number of people affected in the millions. 

Your donation can help us in providing the most basic of necessities like food and relief supplies. Due to the magnitude of damage, teams from all over are beginning to arrive to do the initial assessments. It is a critical time and we know that life-saving provisions are desperately needed.  

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Who We Are

Since 1982, the Emergency Response & Development Fund of Crossroads Christian Communications Inc. has responded to death, destruction, and psychological trauma caused by natural disaster, war, and poverty in many countries of the world.

Our response to humanitarian crisis is both, short-term ‘emergency response’, and longer-term ‘development projects’. Our emergency response activities include: food & medical aid, earthquake & flood relief, and the rebuilding of homes.

We also service a short-term need in developing countries by shipping quality, donated goods in containers. Crossroads Relief & Development has shipped over 90 containers (20/40ft.) of extremely good quality medical supplies and equipment, educational materials, bicycles, computers, sewing machines, musical instruments, gift bags, generators, and dry food. Local residents volunteer their time to this type of humanitarian service through our 5,000 square foot warehouse facility in Brantford, Ontario.

We strive to make aggressive long-term investments into areas that affect the most vulnerable people groups, enabling them to escape the most extreme of circumstances, and equipping them to provide for their own needs longer-term.  As a result, over the years, our long-term investment into human security falls predominantly into the following sectors:

  • water and sanitation
  • food security and agricultural development
  • shelter for the most vulnerable
  • basic education and skills training
  • health & HIV/AIDS interventions


Our Mission

To provide relief and assistance to people affected by disaster, famine, poverty and war, and facilitate sustainable development programs in their countries.


Our Motivation

To communicate a visible expression of God’s love, and contribute to the transformation of lives around the world.


Our Method

Our method is to present needs through the various media platforms Crossroads provides including our National television broadcast flagship program  100 Huntley Street allowing the humantarian conscience and response to assist our relief and development efforts.

We then partner with established indigenous organizations, churches, and Non-Government Organizations already working in the developing countries.  The Canadian International Development Agency has also provided matching funds for some of our sustainable development projects.


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Joining together to help those in need


Crossroads Christian Communications Inc. is federally chartered in both Canada (106993926RR0001) and the United States as a charitable, non-profit organization. More Info...