You Are Not Alone: Life-Saving Stories from the Crossroads Prayer Lines

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Something amazing is happening on the Crossroads Prayer Lines. The only way to explain it, is to say that God is in it!

Remember our Never Alone campaign over the holiday season? We heavily promoted our toll-free Prayer Line number (1-866-273-4444) because we’re aware that Christmas isn’t a happy season for everyone. Feelings of loneliness, depression and anxiety can be heightened over the holidays, and we wanted people to know they are Never Alone – that a Crossroads Prayer Partner is available to talk and pray with them in their time of need.  In one 24-hour period in December, four suicidal individuals called the Prayer Lines. Caring Prayer Partners were able to speak life and peace into these troubled lives, and those situations turned around as Christ entered into desperate circumstances and we came alongside those individuals in prayer.  The Never Alone campaign spoke deeply to thousands of viewers, encouraging them to reach out to the One who loves them.  Calls to the Crossroads Prayer Lines resulted in 379 salvation and rededication testimonies within three-months, a dramatic increase of 104 souls more than last year for the same time-frame, for which we praise God!

In the last three months, 82,955 people called the Prayer Lines with many of them feeling alienated in soul and spirit, estranged from family and friends, even suicidal.  Last year, 1,278 callers made either a first-time commitment to Christ, or after many years of struggle, poor choices, and spiritual wandering, have returned to the Father’s house and been welcomed home with joy!  What a wonderful way to begin the New Year – as a new-born son or daughter in the family of God!  Your continued financial support for the Crossroads Prayer Centre and prayers for those who minister to callers is making an eternal difference, and we thank you as we look with expectation to the Lord to do even greater things in 2018!

Don’t miss our guests on 100 Huntley Street this week.  We are bringing viewers hope-filled stories of people who have struggled with mental health.

Please remember we have Prayer Partners ready to take your call right now.  We are available 24/7 at 1-866-273-4444.