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Whether it’s the faces you see on-air or the talented crew behind the lens, our Crossroads Media Missionaries share a mission to help people of every age and stage become followers of Jesus Christ through inspired media. We asked a few of the team members to share about their role, what it means for them to be a Media Missionary and a significant story or moment in their career at Crossroads.

J O E L    A U G É


I’m passionate about technology and its ability to, (when properly applied), disappear into the background and help people reach their full potential. I’ve seen God do undeniably amazing things through the hands of people equipped with the proper tools.

I remember coming into the Town Square several months ago and seeing the brand “Media Missionaries” for the first time on the TVs by the stairs. It really stuck with me. I felt I immediately understood it. It might be because for the past 12 years I’ve been building technology startups primarily in the music and entertainment space targeted to “digital natives”; people who live daily in a digital world on one given platform or another (or many). These platforms have their own behaviours. They have a common approach to language. Facebook has 2.07 billion users. That number eclipses China’s population by nearly 700 million. And yet, very few believers see these platforms as places to “send missionaries”. Well – I see it. I see a future where media is the primary tool used to reach the lost and broken for Jesus – and when people respond to this media, they’ll need people to contact. I’d like that (and it would be a privilege for it) to be us. It is no small ambition to be the world’s prayer line (by phone, text, chat, video)… but if not us, who else?

C H U C K     D E W A R


My job title is Visitor Relations and while it encompasses a lot of different areas, my favourite is touring people around the centre and sharing what we do here. Part of the tour is taking them into the Chapel and explaining that we have staff chapel every Thursday. This gives me an opportunity to share how I went through a quintuple bypass and something miraculous happened.

While I was in a coma, my family notified Crossroads that I needed urgent prayer, so the staff chapel was interrupted to pray for me. Within a half hour of their prayer my vitals came back, and a short time later the coma started to lift.

When I returned to work, I shared with some visitors how the staff attend Chapel and explained how they prayed for me when I was struggling to recover from the heart surgery. After the tour, the lady who brought them said, “I never believed in prayer until you shared your story.”

M I C H A E L    W R I G H T


I’ve worked at Crossroads for 31 years in a various of roles in media production. From studio camera and floor directing, to producing on-location specials, and most recently directing documentaries. My current role is to come up with creative ideas for how we communicate God’s love through storytelling on 100 Huntley Street.

It’s an honour to be able to craft and share compelling stories of extraordinary people who are living out their faith. One in particular has deeply impacted me, and it was with Julia Bayer in July of 2016. She was a young woman in her mid 20’s who was battling stage 4 epithelial ovarian cancer, who despite this grim prognosis decided she wasn’t going to let a cancer diagnosis affect her attitude and her strong faith in God… Julia was determined to live life to its fullest. During those 4-5 hours my crew and I filmed her story, I wasamazed at her joy and courage in the midst of her real physical pain. Her words from that interview still come to mind … “My ultimate hope is not in being cancer free. My ultimate hope is in Jesus… So that’s what I’m embracing now. Looking forward to the future, I
am filled with joy, hope and peace because I know God will walk with us no matter what’s ahead. And I know that his plans for me are good. And, that we can trust Him. And I know that now more than I’ve ever known that in my life.”

N I C O L E     F R E D E R I C K


I joined the Crossroads team as a Tele-Ministry Campaign Agent in July of 2017. I enjoy interacting with Partners and friends of the ministry to seek their financial support and minister to them in prayer to address their needs. I also provide administrative support to the Donor Relations Department for special projects and often pray for callers on the 24/7 prayer lines as needed.

As a Media Missionary, I am able to connect with our loyal partners to thank them for their financial support and commitment and let them know what we are doing with their finances and how their giving is impacting many people’s lives in our community and around the world. I also pray for them and encourage them to help us carry on the legacy David Mainse started to spread the Good News and God’s love. I feel blessed to be a part of that as I too, volunteer at events and donate to Crossroads because I strongly believe in our mission, faith and values media and high level of integrity.

As a Media Missionary, oftentimes when I call to thank our donors for their support and pray for them, they comment on how perfectly timed my call was as they really needed my prayer at that moment as they were going through a difficult circumstance. I recall an elderly lady who had just lost her son and had not seen her other two sons in thirty years. She was feeling lonely and was going to be alone at Christmas. She was so thankful for my call and prayers and mentioned how one of the hosts on 100 Huntley Street, Greg Musselman’s smile always put a smile on her face and she always looks forward to watching the program daily as it raises her spirits! Just knowing that our connection with people has a positive influence on their lives brings great joy and satisfaction to me.