Help Puerto Rico Recover after Hurricane Maria

October 12, 2017/in Relief + Development Stories, relief+development /by Crossroads

Help Puerto Rico Recover after Hurricane Maria

Nearly three weeks after Hurricane Maria pummeled Puerto Rico, the vast majority (89%) of the island remains without power and residents are struggling to find food, fuel and clean drinking water. There are concerns the death toll will continue to rise due to the slow recovery of resources.

It could be four to six months before power is fully restored on the island. That’s half a year with Puerto Rico’s 3.4 million residents relying on generators, half a year without air conditioning in the tropical climate, half a year that electric pumps can’t bring running water into homes, half a year when even the most basic tasks of modern life are made difficult.

Exact figures on the extent of the damage and the costs of repairs on the island are not yet known. This is partly due to the fact that communications on the island are strained. But it’s also because many roads are damaged and it’s hard to get around.

Crossroads Relief and Development is working with a trusted partner who has been responding with emergency relief supplies including food and clean water. The recovery in Puerto Rico is going to take time given the magnitude of the storm. Please join us as we extend God’s hand in hope and love through the provision of much needed supplies.