Chewbacca Mom – Candace Payne to Appear on Canada’s 100 Huntley Street

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Chewbacca Mom, Candace Payne, to Appear on Canada’s 100 Huntley Street

 “Laughter is just like music.  It’s one of those things
where you don’t need to speak the same language to understand it.”

The perfect way to describe Candace Payne’s laugh is to say that it’s contagious, a viral joy that spread over the internet faster than the 37-year-old mother could have ever imagined.

Candace sat in her car as she put on the newly purchased electronic Chewbacca mask and live-streamed her experience on Facebook.  The unmistakable “Chewie” sound combined with Candace’s belly laugh resonated with social media users across the world, and within 24 hours the video had been viewed more than 50 million times; within days, the number rose to 140 million.

Life changed drastically for Candace.  The Texas mother of two went on to make television appearances, received free education for her family, gifts and trips. Candace became famous, literally, overnight.

She’s now using this unplanned platform for good.  The woman behind the mask has an important message to share about joy- our need to express it and how to have it.  Candace opens up on the set of 100 Huntley Street as she shares about her past pain.  Depression, suicide, and not feeling “enough” plagued Candace, but what she never lost was hope.  “If someone does not have hope, they cannot have true joy,” she remarks.   “The person who says, ‘hope is what keeps me alive’ can also say, ‘if I have hope, there must be joy here too.’  With hope your worst day does not have to be your last day.”

Candace has released a new book Laugh It Up!: Embrace Freedom and Experience Defiant Joy.

She appears on 100 Huntley Street this Thursday, November 23rd on Yes TV and Global Television.