CHARLES MULLI – The Mully Movie


CHARLES MULLI – The Mully Movie

The Mully Movie is a must see! Many of you have supported the Mully Children’s Family through Crossroads and now you have an opportunity to go and watch how God inspired and used a street boy to transform and change the lives of thousands of people in Kenya and around the world.

Charles Mulli, is a former Kenyan street child turned millionaire who gave everything away to care for street children. In 1989, Charles shocked his wealthy Kenyan family by bringing 3 street children into their home and their family. Since then they’ve welcomed over 12,000 children into the Mully Children’s Family and currently offer support to over 2,000 more.

The family model is unique and successful. Over time they’ve evolved into a model for holistic and sustainable development in Africa. Children, once without hope, are now excelling in academics, sports and arts, and are becoming productive leaders in their communities.

Crossroads has partnered with MCF since 2000 including two Canadian Gov’t funded projects:

  • Equipping young girls with skills training to provide an income for their families.
  • Shipped containers with medical, school and farm equipment
  • Built a medical clinic, dorms and classrooms
  • Assisted with greenhouse operations, fish dams and agricultural initiatives
  • Provided clean water and food during droughts and political unrest

Crossroads has been instrumental and very proud of the success MCF has had over the years and continue to encourage and Charles and Esther in their obedient and faithful work of bringing God’s transformation “one child at a time.”

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CHARLES MULLI – The Mully Movie