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Clean Water Initiative - "A Basic Human Right"

This project was undertaken with the financial support of the Government of Canada provided through the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA).

Thank you to everyone who has been supporting us.  Together we are making a difference in the lives of more people because of your response. 

Please consider giving some extra financial support to allow us to continue this program!

Did You Know?
  • more than one billion people try to live on contaminated water
  • water borne diseases such as dysentery and cholera kill 1.8 million people a year
  • 1.6 million of those who die are children

Crossroads Missions would like to thank the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) for their financial support of the 3:1 funding match towards our clean water and sanitation initiative in northern Uganda.  (matching grant portion is closed)

Together with our partner on the ground Victory Outreach Ministries, we have just completed the 3 year water and sanitation project that has been helping to improve the lives of families who desperately lacked these resources. 

We are pleased to annouce that more than 53,950 people have been impacted through this initiative.

Due to insufficient water sources, women and children are walking up to 3 km, waiting hours in a line-up, and returning home at the end of the day. As a result, it can take up to 6 hours both walking and waiting for water.

Unfortunately, it is usually women and children who are sent to fetch water alone,

and if walking at night, they are vulnerable to attack. Their alternative is to gather water from polluted sources such as dirty mud puddles, stagnant ditches and ponds in desperation, resulting in water borne diseases that make their children ill and can kill. This issue is preventable through the provision of functioning wells in or near rural villages.

Our objective aims to improve access to clean water by providing needed basic sanitation infrastructure and increasing community water management skills and sanitation knowledge.  This work is being done through local leadership and in full awareness of local government officials, ensuring that this project effectively impacts thousands of people trying to rebuild their lives.

One well can provide clean water for thousands of people. The approximate cost of refurbishing a well is $3,000 and to dig a new well is averaged at $6,500.00 depending on the depth and location of the well.

Please consider giving some extra financial support to allow us to continue this Well program!

Together, we can continue to help the returning IDP's and rural poor through access to clean water and food ensuring the well-being and survival of thousands in Northern Uganda.



It is our privilege to update you on what's been happening in Northern Uganda.  We continue see phenomenal growth and results in the areas of agriculture and clean water. 

As our resources allow us, we continue to incorporate new families as part of the Victory Outreach Ministries Agricultural Project.  With the introduction of mechanized farming through the shipment of tractors and farm implements, we've been able to plow over 7,000 acres of land.  Garden plots are supplied with seeds and tools have been distributed to beneficiary families. More than 1800 families have received assistance and are now growing maize, rice, pumpkins, soya beans and cassava with enough food for consumption and also for market.  This allows them to send their children to school and once again become a contributing member of society.

We also continue to forge ahead with refurbishing wells and we now have more than 50 wells either reactivated or in final stages of completion!  Well over 65,000 community members have access to clean drinking water because of the thoughful gifts of our viewers.  For many women and children the distance they would normally walk for clean water (or go without!) has been dramatically reduced greatly improving their safety and health.


Northern Uganda

Food and water is critical to our existence, and both are increasingly threatening the survival of the poor. Drastic increases in global food prices have affected everyone, from local communities in Canada to poverty stricken communities around the world. As a result, our Missions group continues to mobilize our resources and influence in response to this crisis - for the sake of humanity.

"Crossroads Missions" has worked on water and food security projects since 1989. Food security and water remain core sectors of focus for Crossroads Missions, as these, more than ever, remain urgent Humanitarian needs.

In partnership with a local church organization Victory Outreach Ministries (VOM), Crossroads is rapidly developing food security and water & sanitation projects for resettling Internally Displaced People (IDPs). In a country that has been affected by 20 years of rebel warfare, hope is being restored.

Crossroads is proud to report that through our partners on the ground two schools have been built and hundreds of villagers have accepted Christ and eight churches have been planted as a result of the witness of Christian tractor drivers working in these communities. Local roads have been repaired because of the availability of tractors and wagons.


Agriculture - "Growing food for families"

Since its launch in the spring of 2007, the agricultural project has benefited approximately 2000 families living in several regions. As a result, families can feed their children 3 meals a day, send them to school, and afford permanent construction of homes. Reportedly, these families' lives have been radically changed, due to this project.

Through the compassionate support of Crossroads partners, 8 tractors, farm implements and various tools and supplies have been provided enabling the advancement of mechanized farming in Uganda -- an objective of the Government of Uganda. To date, more than 7,000 acres of land has been ploughed and disced over 5 growing seasons impacting more than 23,000 people directly and indirectly!

Locals are taught the new farming methods, provided with start-up seeds and the hand tools necessary for cultivating 2 acres of the land. The most vulnerable in the community, such as women, are actively engaged in the operations and development of this project. The impact on their families is direct & immediate with hope being restored as a result of our involvement.


Christian Counseling Fellowship

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), Nodding Syndrome affects over 7,000 children in northern Uganda.  To date, Nodding Syndrome continues to subdue economic growth and food production by parents needing to stay at home 24/7 to care for these children.  This, in turn, affects household nutrition, which then has an impact on proper immune function.  Crossroads is supporting the households considered to be extremely vulnerable due to having 2 or more children in their household sufferening from this syndrome.

With your help we are supporting 180 households (400 beneficiaries) with the following:

Providing household kits and food supplements to improve health an strength.

Opening up farmland for growing crops, and the provision of high yield seeds.  Training in small farming techniques and business practices enables greater success in food production and sustainability through sale of excess crops.

Teaching women to construct rocket stoves reduces smoke in the household and keeps the children safe from falling into open flame fire pits.  The provision of tree seedlings to be planted on homesteads kiips erosion at bay and supports positive environmental preservation.

Child-mothers are still returning from LRA captivity.  Returning with war-babies, they need to provide for their own households and re-establish themselves as productive participants within community. 

After years of captivity, they lack basic education and trade skills necessary to support themselves and their children.  Crossroads will be directly supporting young women through 2013 with vocational skills training as well as the above activities. Thank you for your continued support.

Mail or phone in your donations for Uganda Relief, or donate online. Thank you for your gift.


Uganda "Crews" Mission Teams


The Barlonyo school needs help.  Due to the number of children traveling long distances to attend the school, they are sleeping on floor mats in two of the classrooms. A team is traveling in April with the hope of beginning construction on the dorms.

Help us to help them.  Please Donate.

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