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Long-term Investments

We strive to make aggressive long-term investments in five priority areas of social development – Health and Nutrition, Basic Education, HIV/AIDS, Child Protection and Micro-Economic Development. We have particular experience in ‘holistic community development’ through housing, education, agriculture, medical, rehabilitation, skills-training, and micro-economic development programs.


All Aboard the Uganda "Crews"

April 3rd - 17th, 2014 to Lira, Uganda

The team has left on their "crews". We ask for your prayers of safe travels and health as they minister to the local communities providing medical care and help with repairs and construction. Learn more...


Join us in helping to "Give Life" to people in need around the world.

Through our humanitarian projects we are saving lives by providing clean water, feeding and agricultural programs.  Rescuing sex trafficked and street children along with providing education and skills training.

Give Life...



Kenya - Turkana

We extend our sincere and heartfelt appreciation for those who have responded to our programming on drought proofing families. 

You were introduced to some very special people living in the northern regions of Kenya, in a district known as Turkana. These families have been surviving in this dry, desert land for generations, unsure of the future due to the lack of a reliable food source.
Just as the scripture says "See, I am doing a new thing!", Crossroads also wanted to do a new thing. We had the opportunity to help with a feeding program when the African drought severly affected this region. However, we want to move forward and not just provide temporary relief, but life changing, long term solutions.   More...



Food and water is critical to our existence, and both are increasingly threatening the survival of the poor.

Drastic increases in global food prices have affected everyone, from local communities in Canada to poverty stricken communities around the world. As a result, our Missions group continues to mobilize our resources and influence in response to this crisis - for the sake of humanity.

"Crossroads Relief and Development" has worked on water and food security projects since 1989. Food security and water remain core sectors of focus for Crossroads Missions, as these, more than ever, remain urgent Humanitarian needs. More...


Kenya - Mully's Children

Kenya ranks low on the Human Development index. The proportion of the population living in poverty has risen so significantly in the last 10 years that an additional 2.7 million people are living below the poverty line in the 21st century than they were in the late 1990s. The impact of extreme poverty combined with the effects of the HIV/AIDS has fostered an increase in orphans and vulnerable children (OVC), who are often left to find their own means of survival. More than 1.3 million OVC inhabit Kenya, and within that figure an estimated 250,000 are street children.

Thus, the problem of street children in Kenya has reached an alarming state, with thousands of children to be found in most every town and rural village, and very few of them receive any means of support.    More... 

Vulnerable Children in the Ukraine

Expressing and showing the love of Christ is paramount to the efforts of our partners in Ukraine.  Seminary students devote their time to reaching out and changing the lives of orphaned children, letting them know they are not forgotten!

More ...


Cambodia Cries Out

It is with the grace and compassion of God, that we bring your attention to the difficult and deplorable situations facing young children in Cambodia. Partnering with wonderful ministries, we are working in Cambodia - - reaching into the depths of the garbage dump community, the sexual exploitation of young girls and the Vietnamese.  More ...


Treasure in the Trash - Calcutta, India

Over the past number of years Crossroads Missions, along with compassionate supporters, have been impacting the lives of children and their families through food, medicines, clothing, education and spiritual help. A new school was  opened in the heart of a large slum in Calcutta. More ...


Find Peace with God


Joining together to help those in need


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